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I'm trying to detect the start of each OFDM symbol in a continuous OFDM data flow. Each OFDM is composed of a cyclic prefix part and the data part. One OFDM example: 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. The data part is , the cyclic prefix is . As you can see, the first 3 samples are exactly the same as the last 3 samples. Because
You measure the orthogonality of codes using the cross correlation metric. It's usually small but not zero. The spreading factor depends on the chip rate of the spreading codes not on the orthogonality between them.
Hi guys! Theoretically there are many method of solving this problem such as cross-correlation, GCC-PHAT etc. I would like to know if anyone have any idea how to determine TDOA from digitized acoustic signals? What is the best way of implementing the process i.e. the plaform for implementation? Arduino, dsPIC, FPGA or raspberry pi? What specific
Hi there I'm trying to measure time delay of one percussive event recorded by two contact mikes on a glass surface. I decided to check the cross correlation (via FFT) and detect the index of the max in the function. The method is really jittery as the medium affects the transfer function of the signal. I wonder if there is a better method than cros
Is it feasible? For example, we searching signal F1, F2 and F3. We can do cross correlation of input signal S with known F1, F2 and F3 separately. What about finding cross correlation of S with (F1+F2+F3)? (if we really do not want to know F index, just presence). If it is feasible, what is the name of such technique?
Hi All, cross-correlation is used between two signals to see if there is a similarity between them, and do so lets say that we have noisy signals x(t) and y(t) which are received from the channel at the receiver. By performing the cross-correlation we see that there is a peak in the plot diagram of the (...)
I want to use cross correlation technique to obtain relative phase difference between Current & Voltage waveform of the same frequency. I was reading following technique where U1(k) which is the discrete voltage across the piezo-transducer and I(k) is the discrete current. U2(k) is obtained by shifting U1(k) to the right by No samples t
can anyone explain me the properities of PRBS sequence?(autocorrelation and cross correlation)
hiii Sorry once again .... I could not found function 'modnorm' and 'qammod' in the function func_ofdm_generate....... Please post your complete code then only one can run this and give you some feedback..... Sorry for that I went to mathworks site I think these are the function from "Communications System Toolbox" ...... I don't have th
Hello everyone, I have a following problem: given cross-correlation function {C_{12}}{\left(\tau\right)} associated with a pair of time functions {f}_{1}(t) and {f}_{2}(t): {C_{12}}{\left(\tau\right)}={3 cos}^{2 }{\sigma}{t sin}{\sigma} {t} if {f}_{1}(t) =\frac{ 1}{2 }+\frac{1}{4}cos {\s
How can I use cross correlation technique to form a robust signal/shape identifier? Primarily to detect a particular 1d shape, amidst other shapes in noise, (taking into consideration scaling factor) and that the noise distorts the shape you intend to identify. If cross correlation can't be employed then what other (...)
Need a hand with this one. 91322
Dear Experts, I am Designing a Narrowband (30 MHz) Dual Mode Band Pass Filter. I have done the HFSS simulations inside the cavity of (30*30*30mm) with a cross shaped dielectric resonator. I have a also generated a lumped element model in ADS of the same filter. My Question is how can i model or correlate the input, output and mutual couplings fr
Hi; As i read here you need to normalize vectors /sqrt(var(x)). not sure about it, but might give you a starting point. This may also help you:
Can anyone explain to me how to extract Group delay and cross correlation of the UWB antenna in CST? If there is a template, I would appreciate if you could send it to me. Thank you!
Dear all, I want to know which case affect MUI in case of DS-UWB or CDMA 1- desired pulse = 1 & interference pulse = 1 & correlation pulse = 1 2- desired pulse = 1 & interference pulse = -1 & correlation pulse = 1 3- desired pulse = 1 & interference pulse = 1 & correlation pulse = -1 4- desired pulse = 1 & interference pulse = -1 & (...)
I need to implement following expressions for the GRPE in MATLAB lembda = inv(E*inv((A-T'*inv(R)*T))*E) *c; g = inv(A-T'*inv(R)*T)*E*lembda f = inv(R)*T*g where R:autocorrelation of channel output T:cross correlation of channel out put and input data A:autocorrelation of input data i only have access to (...)
A comparison of waveforms will not work. Two sounds may sound identical having very different waveforms. Indeed, your two "a" sounds have different intonation (different fundamental frequencies) but the same intelligibility. cross-correlation between them will not be high. Regards Z
See what I am getting is that u dont know what cross correlation means... When there u find the cross correlation between signals A and B, U are actually judging the how closely A and B are related. =xcorr(A,B,maxlag); stem(lag,corr); what it does that with different- different lags compares A and B. and gives u the (...)
i want cross corelation matlab code for m-seq.:- x=; y=; and for gold codes:- x=; y=; regrdes