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The directivity diagram dosen't look right. As it is symmetrical you should have the same radion pattern in H and V. It looks like it's basically is just a wrinkled up cross dipole, if so it should have the same radiation pattern as a dipole.
I think no antenna can be designed to optimally radiate both LHCP AND RHCP , only one way is possible. To assist the pretty clear explanation, no antenna can radiate it simultaneously. But a suitable antenna e.g. a cross dipole can generate any polarization with respective phase shift and magnitude of the (...)
hi if any body has worked on cross bow tie then plz share some papers on it with me,i have not find even a single paper on it,
Hello everybody, I'm new to CST and I've run into a few problems. I'm going to simulate a turnstile antenna for 437 MHz consisting of two crossed half-wavelength dipoles with 2 cm feed gap. One along the x-axis and the other along the y-axis, so the maxima is supposed to be in the z-direction. I've made one (discrete) port for each (...)
What is the direction of Copolanar ,cross polar radiation in this antenna? Which plane is the E-plane and which is the H-plane? The excitation port and radiation boundary Condition is like
can somebody help me how to design a cross dipole antenna using cst software?i have try the R.Cahill journal (understanding measuring circular polarization) prototype but i dont understand it,,
i know its old post but can help others so for cross dipoles one arm of 1 dipole with 2nd and same for other dipoles then give them single lumped port.A New Type of Circular Polarizer Using crossed dipoles* ~. F, BOLSTER~, MEMBER, IRE this paper can help Hi , Any body knows how to (...)
Hi, bhargav32004: Which one is co-pol and which one is cross-pol? It is determined by the user. If you consider E-theta on the constant Phi-plane is the co-pol, then the E-phi on the constant Phi Plane is cross-pol. E-plane is where the E-field is lying on. It is easy to figure it out for simple antennas such as a (...)
Hello Every one, This is Shaista from Islamabad.I want to do thesis in the field of antenna designing. I have done my Project on 4 cross 4 matrix strip antenna. I want to take it futher for my MS thesis. If any one suggest me any kind of improvement or any book related to antenna designing that help me choosing my thesis. (...)
hi, Is there anyone study rcs with hfss. I want to learn but havent any tutorial this subject and I need some examples. For example, dipole antenna transmıt the ıncıdent wave to a kind of structure and How can I find the incident electric field on the structure and the scattering electric field. İf is there a person knows th
do any one know how i can add two signal receving from cross cage dipole antenna before tuner or preslector help needed thanx
hi, i have faced a problem in building the geometry of a log-periodic dipole array in IE3D. i could not rotate the antenna boom(of rectangular cross section or may be cylindrical also) along its own axis (boom's axis),so that the elements that r in (+z )direction will be oriented in (-z) direction after the desired operation. can (...)
Some X-polarization base station antennas have dipole-pairs in two configurations: 1) in X (cross-shaped) providing 90deg HPBW in horizontal plane 2) in <> (rhombic) providing 65dge HPBW... Take a look at some very interesting articles from Kathrein (with pictures): / mog.
To simulate LPDA, this is same with yagi antenna (non folded), But all element is driven and is connected by transmission link with cross link connection. The transmission line have impedance can build with two parallel boom. LPDA Book can load in
hi, i am trying to visualise a linearly polarised antenna in the E-plane cut in HFSS. say for example a dipole in the z-axis. If i use E(theta) to plot the E-plane pattern, would I get a co-polarised plot? and if i use E(phi) to plot the E-plane pattern and get a cross-polarised plot? and if I use a horn to measure the pattern in the (...)