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You cannot request lowest part count without specifying; tolerance, supply sensitivity, output impedance , signal level, % distortion, supply current, etc.. The only important criteria are; quality, availability and cost. I might suggest a 4060 counter and low freq., low cost crystal and use either LPF on (...)
Hi Guys, I de-Q'd the crystal oscillator by adjusting the values of Cx and Lx to give the right w0, my transient simulation is dramatically faster but why the f0 is shifted a bit to ~33.5KHz? Thanks. tommydidi
hey, i want to know how to use crystal oscillator to generate 10MHZ freq and 30V output voltage? please provide the required circuit design.............
Mention which XMEGA chip you are using and also crystal frequency. What are you measuring with ADC? How many channels of ADC are you using? Provide circuit in Proteus, .png or PDF format.
here is my code,and i was expect 500hz from the formula of crystal frequency PWM freq = ----------------------------------------- but i couldnt found what i want can anyone help me where is the error pls. (PR2 + 1) * (Timer2 Prescaler) * 4 #include<18F4431.h> #fuses INTRC, (...)
To get crystal oscillators to simulate can be tricky. This is due to the lengthy start-up time determined by the high Q of the crystal. It may take as much as 30 to 100mS to start, and you need to set your minimum time step at least 10 times smaller than 1/freq which explains the long simulation times. There are some tricks (...)
Hello friends I am tried to genrate higher freq. from p89v51rd2 with 12 MHz crystal. I am using timer0 for genrating freq. and i am also updating LCD but when tried to achieve high freq. its get hang. and also have limit to genrate high freq. This is ISR (...)
Hi. nowadays Xtal freq doesn't make difference in phase noise. but sc-cut crystals have lower PN than others.
I think because of more stable clocking by crystal oscillator?? yes, u r right. X-tal OSC more stable than RC OSC We cannot produce low frequency clocks using crystal oscillators?? low freq menas what? 32KHz also possible and may be less also. RC OSC is cheaper than X-tal and (...)
Stay in sleep mode as much as you can. Use low freq oscillator/crystal. Use timer 1/3/5 or watchdog to wake up, do what you want with the AD, MODEM etc, and go back to sleep mode.
In your question, the sense is missing. At ~400 MHz, you can design your local oscillator for instance as a quartz-crystal driven oscillator and a multiplier to the desired frequency. Or, you can use a VCO with the phase-locking circuit for it. To make a PLO as it is known, you must also make a quartz-crystal driven (...)
hi, How do I run the simulation of a colpitts crystal oscillator using what simulation for freq and output voltage? I have design the circuit with all the components value but what xtal to use and what parameters if i want a 2Mhz freq? thx.
Of course they are working. When exceptional precision is needed use a Temperature Compensated crystal Oscillator (TCXO) or place the crystal in an oven that held the crystal at a constant temperature, creating an Oven Controlled crystal (XTAL) Oscillator (OCXO). The TCXO capabilities were typically not quite as (...)
what about the CLKOUT pin? The one next the CLKIN where you commonly connect the crystal? But the fact is... Do you need the same frequency for your adc??? Or do you need a lower frequency? If so, the best is to use the CCP module and one timer with a CCP pin... (if you need a higher freq, better use an (...)
Inside of an OCXO usually the thermal control-loop (thermistor, amplifier, heather, etc) is not connected electrically to the crystal oscillator, and use its own power regulator. The thermal control-loop generally is stable due to relative slow temperature response of the thermistor, so there are low chances to oscillate and producing (...)
I need a power amplifier circuit for (Ground Penetrating Radar) project, i have a Pulse generator & crystal osc. with freq.=60Mhz and Multiplier in my project. I need power amplifier to increasing power before transmitting it through Antenna
Hi Everyone, I am trying to come up with an AM audio transmitter design. I've already got a few ideas but I'd like to be able to adjust the frequency anywhere from 100kHz to 2Mhz. I thought about getting a 2MHz crystal oscillator and playing with the count to decrease the freq at discrete intervals but then I'd be (...)
I am using PIC 16F877A with 20MHz crystal. I am wondering can it generate a 2MHz clock pulse with 30-40% duty cycle. Can anyone help me on this?
@oyvdahl yes there is a header file but in hard ware i should connect how much Mhz crystal for its compatibility.? You have to define the crystal frequency like this (For example your crystal freq. is 1MHz) #define F_CPU 1000000UL after that you should add #include
1. You should get you a crystal oscillator with the intended frequency, e.g. 20 MHz. Alternatively, you can use a 50 MHz clock and generate 20 MHz by a PLL in the FPGA. SG-8002 is actually a programmable oscillator, but you need blank osillator devices and a special SG-Writer to program them on your own. I guess, it's not (...)