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If you dont connect any crystal in 8051 in real circuit , it will not work.
Hello All, I am new to signal integrity.I have few information on the spice model.But i don't know how to convert those information to spice. And used as model in hyperlynx. I am attaching the information which i have for the spice model. Please help me out. Thanking everyone in advance. Thanks and Regards, Rohit
Contrary to the schematic shown, I used a similar circuit with the output taken from a collector LC circuit tuned to n-th harmonic. The emitter circuit was similar to the shown one but I used a capacitor trimmer to optimize the selected harmonic output. My harmonic oscillator used the same frequency combination, 24 MHz quartz and 72 MHz output.
The Pierce oscillator has a crystal stabilizing the frequency of oscillation. Therefore you can use a 40 kHz crystal, or... If you have, say an 80 kHz crystal, then you can make a Pierce oscillator for that frequency, and divide its output waveform by 2.
115305 I need to attach a 433.92MHz crystal at the part where it is circled by red. I am using LTSpice. I would need some help in this. Any values that i need to insert for the model? Or is there any spice model that i can use for this?
Some Spice simulators have problems to start an oscillation when using a crystal model, or the equivalent circuit of a crystal. Replace the entire equivalent crystal circuit with a simple shunt LC circuit (1uH and 33pF, and keep C9 in place) and you will get the 27MHz oscillation, just to see how the rest of the circuit works.
I am designing a DCXO block which clock is 26 Meg. But, using crystal model R/L/C parameters showed in picture, I can't get accurate 26Meg value by formula Here is the process of calculation, I select a set of R/L/C parameters 109778 1.From calucation, error of frequency is about 337ppm. it is too larger for our design
if I were looking for a low cost very accurate oscillator, I would get a gps disciplined oscillator on ebay. They have a low noise crystal oscillator that uses a gps receiver to correct small frequency drifts. hp, symmetricon, fei, thunderbolt. maybe $150
You can use a 4060 with a 3.2, 6.4 MHz ... crystal connected clock (see the data sheet) divided down to 200 kHz and then a flip-flop to get the 50% duty cycle.
Base on described theory about TMM for photonic crystal J.B. Pendry, J. Mod. Opt.41, 209 (1994), Prof. Pendry also uploaded a program using Fortran language to calculate transmission/reflection coefficients of complex structure (2D dimensions). Th
i have a split ring resonator model that must be in liquid crystal,how can i define liquid crystal in my model? this is the article Electrically tunable negative permeability metamaterials based on nematic liquid
Hi I'm trying to model an optical antenna in a liquid crystal background. My questions are : 1) how to define a Liquid crystal material (e.g. 5cb) in CST ? 2) how can I change the director of LCs after defining them in material library ? Thanks
for crystal model ( C , L, Rs ) in series L = 3.5m H (offchip xtal component) Rp (transform) = (wL)^2/Rs this is huge value for w =120M Hz, Rs=50 ohm--> Rp=1.4*10^11 ohm so i need a circuit where the crystal should see w very large Z to prevent decreasing the Q heavily or what ? can any one help me in this
The min system is the mcu with the just power supplies, there is no need for a crystal, you set the cpu frequency from the properties when you double click the mcu. I don't see LPC2129 included in the proteus model Labcenter Electronics - Proteus VSM - SPICE Simulator/Debugger for ARM7/LPC2
I am designing an oscillator pad with working freq frm 10MHz to 30MHz. I have only 24MHz crystal model for simulation. Is there any1 can share with me 30MHz crystal model. Thanks. Rdgs YY
hello, i am simulating the crystal oscillator (RLC model) phase noise. I setup pss analysis, use initial current 10uA in inductor model of crystal (19.2MHz), tstab=200n, etc, result=pss not converged, therefore the simulator keep modifying tstab and try again and again.. never converged. I also tried HB engine (...)
Hi, i am making a model of var. regulated power supply box using microcontroller and lcd display. i want a sample source code for mc pic16f767. inputs: 24v, 1-5v (var), +/-12v(var. +ve dual tracking) output: display the values in lcd. i m using pic of 28 pin, 8bit. it has crystal osc, icd3 debugger connector used for debugging, lcd connec
Hello, Is it crystal Resonator Ocillator ! if so did you setup exact crystal parameters... then finally did you use the nonlinear spice model for BFS520 in MWO schenatic... Also increase the oscillation frequency range on OSCPROBE just to indentify the resosnace frequency... ---manju---
can you specify the mode you have used to connect the crystal... 1. oscillation mode of operation, 2. external crystal model. the capacitor value seems to be correct. but you should get around 0.9V on 1 pin and 0.7 in another pin.....
You can't do much things with the chip since you need the program to replace the chip assuming it has a problem, and you probably can't read it from another chip either because the chips are usually locked. You can only check the power supply of the chip, maybe the crystal (if it uses an external one) and any peripheral connected to is that may be