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Internal oscillator is RC rather than crystal oscillator, you should check if the accuracy is sufficient for your purposes. 16 MHz operation with internal oscillator is possible. Read the datasheet, particularly section PLL IN INTOSC MODES.
if the same controller work in old board and not working in new board then must be some the think with new board designing or nay dry joint check out power pin voltage are proper are you using internal oscillator or external oscillator if external oscillator then please check the crystal or cap around the crystal.
Dear all, I have made LCD 4 bit program for interfacing with atmega32a by Atmel studio.And tried out simulation in Proteus. It works with perfectly in the mode of Internal clock mode. Not working when put it in external crystal mode (ie, Fusebit CKSEL 1010 -11110) i am uploaded the whole program including proteus file please help me . I am b
Expect the RTC chip next the 32 kHz watch crystal (small cyclindrical metal can). Looks like the Asus board has the RTC function included in the Nvidia MCP68SE graphics and multi/IO chip, like most recent boards.
It does not oscillate if the crystal is disabled in the oscillator configuration, e.g. using internal RC oscillator, or if it's in sleep mode.
I can't find a RFM12b but the same manufacturer makes one called RF12b, is that the one? Assuming you have wired it correctly, the pin connections are different, the RF12b also requires an external crystal. Have you fitted it? Brian.
Dear all, I have designed & developed rtc clock by using 89c52, ic 1307,battery(coin cell),crystal 32.768khz and lcd162.time is running but noted 5 seconds back per day.I have changed unknown brand ic 1307 by original DS1307 but problem remains same.please reply how to solve this problem. Thanks, Tapu
The "wireless" antenna (I wonder how look a wired antenna) printed on the PCB would be the last component on your keyboard that will get damaged. Most probably the RF transceiver died. Looks like a Cypress IC, but not sure (the chip under the crystal).
hi all, I am working with atmega256rfr2 and I stuck with some portion of the program which is like asynchronous operation of the chip....I have connected 32.768 crystal between tosc1 and tosc2 pin but its not works for me ..please give your suggestion to get out from this problem ... this is the program that I am stuck with #
Hi, The Attached image have an crystal oscillator (Number: 200 A JOX). I want to know the "Company Name" and "datasheet" of the crystal. Tried to search but found nothing.Kindly tell me if anyone knows 127921 Thanks.
Hello All, I am working on Project of Measurement of Power factor with PIC18F4520 MCU with External crystal Osc 4 MHz and MPLAB XC8. My Voltage ZCD and Current ZCD are working fine as checked on CRO. Can any body give me given how to convert Time value to cos (phi) in C. I am doing a
Hi friends, I have been working on LPC2148 Microcontroller I want the answers for the following questions 1. What is GPIO slow interface and GPIO fast interface 2. what is capture and Compare unit? 3. what is idle mode and power down mode? 4. what is internal and external crystal oscillator?
Hi, I have configured the PWM in pic16f886 using timer2. But PWM is giving fix frequency, even after i change the register value. here is my code. #include #pragma config FOSC = INTRC_NOCLKOUT // Oscillator Selection bits (HS oscillator: High-speed crystal/resonator on RA6/OSC2/CLKOUT and RA7/OSC1/CLKIN) #pragma confi
Not lately. Customer support is your best bet as complexity has increased with crystal reports, SQL etc. unless you have a simple specific query?
hi, the crystal oscillator seems not working in Proteus, there is no signal out from the crystal oscillator component. i placed a voltage probe at all the pins around it. can i solve this problem? thanks
Code&schematics or crystal ball. You choose.
Is this a development board with the LED already incorporated in the design? If so, do you have a schematic of the board? Or link where it can be downloaded? If not, what are the specs of the LED and how is it specifically attached to the port pin? Also, what is the frequency of the external crystal or oscillator? BigDog
Hi, No error description, no help... Just a part of code, and you want us to find out what controller you use, what clock frequency, what schematic you use... We need a crystal ball! Klaus
hi, I have created a 32x7 led matrix using pic 18f2550 running at 48mhz(20mhz crystal) seven rows are scanned with cd4017 johnson counter 32 columns are driven by four 74hc595 shift registers scanning is done with a buffer array in timer0 overflow interupt at an in interval of 1.8 microseconds i made it to x-y addressable with the fo
Attached the circuit I'm using successfully with 3rd overtone crystal at 45.1584 Mhz (C1=C2=22 pF, L3=2.7uH). I'm trying to use it at 90.3168 MHz, using a 5th overtone crystal, but it doesn't start at the right frequency. C1 and C2, scaled to 12 pF, show the same reactance, C2 and L3 are tuned around 60 MHz, so they look inductive at 3rd overto