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is there anyone who work with solenoid to work with magnetic fileds in near field in cst microwave i am so confused with mesh setting and boundary conditions thank you
Hello, I have a coil and I would like to apply the DC current on it and observe the produced magnetic field in cst . I have checked the current port on Low frequency solver, but I dont know the proper way to use it. I would be grateful if anyone can help me on this issue. Thanks
Hi, Anyone know how to plot the real part of electric field in cst MWS simulation. Hi everyone, I am curious if there is a way to plot a graph of the absolute component of the E-field in the near field vs distance (or frequency) when using transient solver in cst Microwave Studio software. (...)
I excite a fiber by circular waveguide with vertical S11 is vary good and I can monitor E-field along the fiber in arbitrary face in time interval.but this field in curve line per time is null. I need your help sincerely.
Hello you all, I am stuck with a very little issue, so I hope you help me out, please: I think I grasp the basics on using Eigenmode Solver, but still dont know how to plot the classical dispersion diagram of a unit cell (typical beta versus frequency) and I need it urgently to study negative refraction index regions (...)
Hi, I would like to know how do I see the XY Co and Cross pol, XZ Co and cross pol, YZ Co and cross pol? I am using cst Microwave studio 2014 and would like to analyse these results. Please do help me! Thank you!
Hello. I am working a project with cst Cable Studio for my university. I am new in the cst software and I would like to know how can I change the way the H-field is displayed. I would appreciate your help :)! I have this: 117879 and I would like to have a display (...)
I need to measure the E-field and Voltage of Lumped Elements at some points. Therefore, I have used Probe for measuring the aforementioned quantities at the respective points. However, I don?t know how to write a VBA or MATLAB code for exporting the Probe Measurements (E-field) from cst environment. I was (...)
I ran some simulation and computed the E field value at 1GHz in cst MWS. I as I looked at the 3D plot it showed 3D max value 68.52 at -1 0 0 photo attached. I exported the the ASCII file for the plot data and got the value at -1 0 0 as follows ExRe EyRe EzRe (...)
Hello I want to model wall and see the Electric field as EM wave travels through wall into free space. I created the model (attached). But I am unable to decide how to give an excitation source at a point marked. I tried discrete port as shown but E field doesn't appear to decay at the source location accordingly. I am (...)
Hey I am using cst for 3D FDTD simulation. I can do 2D and 1D in C or matlab code but with 3D code becomes complicated hence I want to shift to cst. I understand that cst microwave studio can do the job for me. I just want 5x5x5 m 3D space (...)
What is the significance or what information does we get from energy and balance curves in cst Microwave studio ?
Hi all, I have design a horn antenna with a coupled metallic lens and the radiation pattern shows a bad Front/Back ratio that is confirmed in the animated fields visualization. Some ideas of why is this happening?? Could be the lens attached to the mouth of the horn that is modifying the pattern somehow in the 180? direction? Please I (...)
I have measure electric field at a point in cst MWS software using TLM and transient solvers. 112005112006 I got ripple in the pattern rather than smooth pattern. But the pattern is correct atleast. Please help me to get smooth pattern. i have to change in the mesh settings or any thing else?
Hi All, I'm simulating a magnetostatic problem involving two magnets separated by a thin copper spacer. The total magnetic assembly is on the order of 10 mm cubed. The magnetization is in the same direction and I use open boundary conditions on all sides. The problem is that I find that the height of the magnetic field zero point (...)
Hi all I define a sphere in cst MWS and a plane wave as excitation.I want to calculate the backscattered field at different position, from nearfield region to farfield. We expect that when we approach to farfield region, the backscattered field converged to (...)
Hi, I've set up a pyramidal horn in cst MWS 2014 with the following properties: Directivity: ~20dBi Design frequency: 10 GHz Waveguide measurements is standard EIA WR-90 x-band. I've simulated this with a E-field monitor and a (...)
Hi, everybody, i need all your help. I want to measure near-field of antenna, e.g. horn, like on the picture. 110917 and i need do it with a macro.110918 I used efield probe like here 110919 To measure all the aperture of horn, i need to use construction For...Next.
Hi all, I have a big issue here with a curve I measured field phases along a line and I think you could give me a hand with this. I used a parabolical curve to measure the phases of an incoming electromagnetic wave along it, because I want to study how it arrives in a parabolic lens. But here it comes (...)
Hello, I have a question concerning the calculation of the energy density. I have a simulation with both an energy monitor and a field monitor. As far as I know the energy density is defined as follows: We = 0.5 * epsilon * |E |^2 However if I calculate the energy density at one point from the value of the field (...)