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Hi, I will try to explain myself: I am trying to record, frequency given, the power along a line (z axis) in order to find a focus for such frequency. The only field probes I find are the ones you use to figure out field strength for variable frequencies, determining the position x y and z for the probe, but I want the (...)
I am thinking of designing a Microstrip antenna. I am thinking of making a directive microstrip antenna. Obviously the work that I am thinking of doing should not be done by any one else. It should be unique at least at one area. But due to the lack of knowledge about how to start a project or approch for it I am unable to proceed. Some of the step
How to define powerloss monitor in cst? I am begineer in it,and i need help for my work.please...any one can help me?
I want to animate the far field monitors and other fields when changing the angle of rotation of the satellite communication system or the movement of objects in cst Studio, how to do it?
Hello, As I was getting strange results with cst, I decided to simplify my simulation. It is now a simple loop 1mx1.27mm that I irradiate with a plane wave 10V/m and 10MHz (figure attached). E field is longitudinal => no effect. H field is orthogonal: its action is easy to calculate by using e=-S.dB/dt => (...)
Hi Everyone, Could someone please help me with plotting the near field patterns in cst MWS, I know that farfield patterns can be achieved by using the field monitors but I am not sure if there is such a procedure for near field patterns. Bests
hi, i need to plot Radar Cross Section of an object in various frequencies. i already know about RCS in "field monitors" but it can give me RCS against angles theta and phi, and i need to plot it against frequency. Can anyone please help me?
Hi all, I am measuring the electric field in the closure box with aperture and using probe to achieve that. But I have a problem. When I use the probe for measurement, results are not accurate in transient solver. So, I changed the settings in the transient solver > Specials and I use the program with (...)
Hi all how can I find option to see vector plot of current distribution in cst mws regards kartik
Hi, I am calculating radar cross section of dielectric sphere using mie series solution and cst. I compare both results but i could not get the same result. I know cst calculates far field patterns as total field. If i add incident plane wave to the mie solution, it is not the same result (...)
Dear All This has been a matter of concern to me and i am sure to many of us, When we design a microwave structure in cst or HFSS we plot current or E/H field distribution on structure. Now we often require to extract the photo to be added to research paper or report and i dont know any (...)
I'm designing a meander line to deflect a beam of protons. The line is configured so the electrical signal (and field) match the beams propagation; so if you imagine an unwanted proton shooting along above the line a field will be alongside it pushing it as it travels, whereas a wanted (...)
I try simulate VHF antenna (Yagi) with changing differient material : Steel, Aluminum, Iron but All results the same (Gain, E-field). I wonder what's wrong with my simulation? and how to simulate to see different material lead to differ Antenna's characteristic. I'm using cst. Tks
Hi What version of HFSS you are using I belive as per my woking experience with HFSS9 you can easily see vector field distribution in HFSS9 and it follows the sme convension as in cst or COMSOL
So far - we appear to have struck out on this one. Whether it be HFSS, or cst, or any other, if there is a general approach on how to get a circular polarized wave going inside a waveguide (vacuum) cut out of a universe of PEC conductor, using ports..whatever, it would be nice to discover.
IN cst: set the field monitor for H and E field... then once 2d results have been created... open the result file...and go to FILEand export the field.... this will give the (...)
Hi, I'm simulating some antenna with cst MW. I choose far field as field monitor. After it finish, the result inform that "total efficiency is smaller than 1e-4" How can I fix it? and what did I do wrong? Could someone advice me? Thank a lot
I think, in cst, and similar in HFSS, you get to see the radiation patterns using a field monitor. You can select the types of field you want to monitor You can then make the resulting plot options display it as Cartesian or Polar instead of 3D
Hi, In cst MWS, I create dipole source by using discrete port couple to two PEC particles.After simulated, the result show that electric field is highest in the middle of 2 particles instead of at the particles as in theory. Any idea why it like that? I guess because the discrete port(the red cone) become a point source. and (...)
Hi there, For an FSS unit cell designed in cst MWS, X-pol. and Y-pol. E-field probes can be used to check the cell's X-.pol and Y-pol. response. Now, if I want to check whether the designed FSS unit cell is producing any circular polarized response, how can I check that? Thanks in (...)