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any body know how to define a block with pi phase shift? or how i can simulate this structure(attached) with cst?fig 1 in paper "field Displacement in a Traveling-wave Ring Resonator Meta-structure"\Toshiro Kodera1, Dimitrios Sounas2, Hoang Van Nguyen2, Hadi Razavipour 2, and Christophe Caloz 2,2011
Hello everybody, I am trying to display the charge distribution of a plasmonic metallic microstructure. I tried to visualize the surface current profile by setting "field monitor" and "H-field and surface current" option. The problem is that after the simulation, when I try to display the (...)
Hi is there any one to say me how can I get the 1 d antenna gain?? TNX
you can simulate such problem with cst software.
Are the responses of HFSS simulations in Terahertz region valid or not? In the last issue of IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology, there was an extensive paper on the use of HFSS and cst MWS at THz frequencies, and the related issues (...)
Hi I'm trying to simulate an H-shaped antenna in cst . In the paper there are graphs of near field distribution as you can see in the following image. Should I use plane wave or Waveguide port for excitation source to obtain the same results ? and one other thing. in the paper , it says that "The H-shaped antenna is (...)
Hello, I am trying to control cst from Excel VBA. For instance, I would like to create a routine in Excel VBA similar to the postprocessing template ?Evaluate field in arbitrary coordinates? into Excel VBA, i.e. get the e-field values into an array and insert them on an excel sheet. I read the topic (...)
You have to write your own VBA script. There is details on how to do that in the program files. (C:/Program Files / cst / Online Help -> Vba). It gives you all you need to control cst. Get it working for timesample->1 then turn it into a for loop.
Dear Skan, cst (and HFSS) are electromagnetic field solvers. For microstrip lines the waveport needs to be much larger than the width of the line in order to capture the fields so it can make the correct calculations. Try doing a parametric study of a microstrip line where you vary the port size. As the (...)
I want to know the E-field (nearfield) value at a certain distance from an antenna. I place a probe at the desired point. I use a Gaussian pulse as excitation signal, but 100mW amplitude (instead of the default 1W). The probe value at the desired frequency and the 2D results (at approximately the same point) are very (...)
during design afilter ic cst i need to understand field distribution at specified frequency , please can any one help me ?
Hi, Maybe you could use the 'E-field monitor' in cst MWS : then you can extract the E-field components with post-processing... Good luck...
I have designed a pcb for power led drivers and now i want to simulate the electromagnetic fields created around this pcb. I have dxf file and want to simulate it in cst MWS but I cannt't import this dxf file in cst. can anyone tell me how to import this file to (...)
Good day, I have been simulating stripline probes using cst Microwave Studio for quite sometime now. The results that I normally obtained are on the right side of the figure. But recently, I recreated the whole thing to try out a few features (new to me) and I accidentally got a strange H-field results (the figure on (...)
Hi, i want to plot my e-field data and my data make with cst software,can you help me to plot them?
Hi all, I have a problem with the cst vba. I use vba scripting language in cst MWS to design a model and run simulation. It's OK. Next step, I want to get the far-field data in .txt file as the Code: SelectTreeItem("Farfields\farfield") Dim dTheta As (...)
Hi all! I'm trying to to get an estimation for a path-loss through space/material - I have tx antenna, but I don't understand what the units mean - suppose the o1,1 signal is the one radiated from the antenna, and a probe distant from it is recording field reaching 200 V/m . obviously I want to (...)
Hello everyone, I've designed an elliptical patch antenna in cst which works in the frequency of 5.8GHz. But I'm having problems determining whether it is radiating in circular polarization. If I'm not mistaken, for circular polarization the axial ratio must be 1 and if in ludwig coordinates, the field of vertical (...)
I am simulating a plasmonic nanostrip str. using freq. domain solver and getting this error message---"at least one propagating mode is not considered at port 1" If i am concentrating only on field distribution, can I rely on the result neglecting the error occured. Or anybody can suggest me how to remove error. Thanx in advance.
I want to calculate E-field monitor on the surface of a structure (PEC) from the far field gain pattern of an antenna(2 GHz) imported as farfield source on cst MWS. For this I use the I-solver and i want to know: what's the iterative MoM implemented on cst? how the (...)