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I agree with oedt, but to get rid of this effect you should put the antennas in far field. This can become a huge challenge for cst in terms of mesh cells. You should do it differently and characterize the antenna with antenna simulations: Far field planar wave radiation patterns in Ludwig 3 coordinates are (...)
hello, I have done the simulation of small dipole using cst microwave studio. The photo of E-field plot is attached. 1. can anyone help check if it is correct? I know that small dipoe only has E field in theta direction; it should be zero in the phi and r direction of a spherical coordinates. Does my (...)
hi, i am working on a paper titled "Design of a Near-field Focused Reflectarray Antenna for 2.4 GHz RFID Reader Applications Hsi-Tseng Chou; Tso-Ming Hung; Nan-Nan Wang; Hsi-Hsir Chou; Chia Tung; Nepa, P.; Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation... i am using (...)
Using cst MWS and I need to find out the voltage at the terminals, depending on the frequency of the dipole antenna. As a source field using "Plane wave" at a distance of 0.25 m from the dipole. How can I do it. - It occurred to me to place "Lumped network elements" in the gap between the arms of dipole (...)
You may like to use the time domain LF solver - since u have a pulsed signal. You have to define your geometry & a current source. Use your signal waveform as the current source. There are examples in the ems tutorials that may show you how to do this. Also go to the cst website and look for further examples under events, user group (...)
Hey guys, I have a planar microstrip structure on a piece of substrate and am simulating it within cst microwave studio. There is a ground plane on the back and a strip on the top which the middle pin of a SMA connector would connect to. From reading the cst help literature I (...)
I have defined field monitors in many different surfaces, then I want to export this results. If using file->export->plot data(ASCII), it will take too much time,how to use macro to export all results ? I need Ez,Hx and Hy values both real and imaginery parts.
Use field probes in cst MWS. It will give you field vs Freq plot at specific points. cst MWS 2011 now comes with cst Microstripes which maybe useful to EMC problems- In the example folder (cst MS) there is an example which is rather similar to what you want.
EM simulation software (e.g. cst-MWS), can calculate the current on the surface of conductors from the magnetic field solutions. Does anyone know how this current is calculated and what is it's meaning? In a coaxial cable, for example, is that surface current all the current that flows through the conductors? Or is there (...)
hi guys, i'm new to cst. i did a tutorial (koax T), which was no problem. Then i startet with a simple lambda/2 dipol. Two tubes (l=325mm, fo=400Mhz, discance 5mm) and a discrete port connected to both. E-field and S11 parameter looked pretty good. Then all i did was adding a (...)
hi I'm using the cst MWS to simulate the UHF RFID near-field loop antenna, and i modelized the antenna as following. But i don't know what size of the loop is suitable? How can i get the right geometry of this loop? this kind of antenna, i used "di
Hi I try to determine the magnetic field over a very simple structure as a conductive plane with height h = 0.8 mm and dimension 50 * 50 mm with a hole in the middle of radius r = 1 mm in cst See attached figure. But I have never used cst and I get errors during the (...)
hello can you help me solve this problem in cst I seek to determine the matrix of the normal electric field Ez (specifying the interval in both directions x and y with the spacing between points) in a plane parallel to my structure but I can not do it in cst
Hi all, I got some question on the polarization of antenna. I know my question is quite long but i really need some help for determine my simulation result. 1. How to identify E plane and H-Plane? E plane =(sweep theta while phi=90), H plane= ( sweep theta while phi=0) 2. How to plot E field in X direction (...)
Hi, I installed cst 2010 about a week ago, and I tried running a simulation of a model, which I ran in cst 2008 in cst 2010. The frequency range is a bit wide, 0.1MHz to 9GHz(and it worked fine in cst2008.) But it showed this error message (...)
Hello, I need some help to set up a cst simulation to calculate the IFR (Induced field Ratio) of a cylinder. I draw the cylinder and illuminate it with a plane wave, but I don't know how to get the E-field at a certain distance away from the cylinder. Any help appreciated. thanks
Hallo greta_garbo, may be you should contact The field export function is buggy. In my version, just zeros are exported. They are working on a bugfix. elektr0
Hi everybody, I'm trying to define an E-field monitor in cst simulation to look at the E-field pattern animation. After finished the simulation and when i want to animate the E-field pattern, i saw that we have to choose between several E-field component options like X, (...)
Hi, Can anyone give me tutorial/manual file of Microwave Studio of cst?
have u noticed that the 3D results (graph) for the far field in the single dipole example of cst MWS dont make sense? the E field appears to be dependent on phi ...... i constructed a new single dipole myself, and the results are again dependent on phi!!!! i am using the transient solver, of course. (...)