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6.- Edit "license.dat" and replace "server_name" with your computer name and "000000000000" (replace all) with your HOSTID (Mac or Physical Address). Did you replace all of the zeros with your hostid? Maybe you missed one. On with windows system (XP 64 bit or Windows 7 32 bit....)do you tr
Probably you can use just the 'Probe'-elements placed in particular order on the surface of the Sphere? That should be possible in cst. Alternatively you can use macro 'Extract fields in UDF points', where UDF is 'User Defined Points'. There you need to have like field Monitor for some frequency and (...)
hi, i had made the dual band patch antenna for freq. of 1.5 and 2.4 Ghz and getting s-parameters and other results. but, i can not see the electric field on patch due some error of port-2. plz help someone.
I have an cst MICROWAVE 2008. Can it be placed two or more farfields sources? When I put one farfield source, it does not allow me to put another one. I am modeling GSM antena with farfield source, and watching distribution of the field in the zone.
I am new in this community and in this problematic. I have to make a model of farfield of GSM antenna on living envirement. For that purpose I have cst MICROWAVE STUDIO. For result I have to get a distribution of electromagnetic field in planes, on velocity of 1.5 m from the ground (...)
can anyone help me how to setup E field & H field in cst software?? How can we know which TE and TM mode are suitable for reflectarray antenna??plz help me..
hi everybody h r u? i am new to this forum and also i am new to microwave field ,will my project is on microstrip butterworth low pass filter and i am using cst microwave studio(EM simulation diagram) so i don't how to put two and more microstrips together (...)
Hi, I am also trying to simulate an air core solenoid but with cst MWS or HFSS, have u used such softwares? if yes, can u have a look to my post .
For antenna application, Transient solver is best . First u calculate the far field using cst and then using plot propeties u can calculte directivity or gain whatever u desire and in any format eithr 3D or 2D.
Hi Guys, I'm simulating Electric field on a bow tie antenna. I'm using a linearly polarized plane wave illumination and my aim is to observe the z-component of the E-field beneath the antenna. When i put a field probe to observe the resonances i see the first two resonance at 215 (...)
Hi I'm studying field radiated from spark discharge (air gap) by using cst simulation. Anybody know that this program including dielectric breakdown or not. becuase I try to simulate field radiation from spark discharge and then compare to another resreach. My result is not similar to another reserch.
Hello, I am having a major issue with the far field excitation source file formatting. I cannot seem to generate a simple cos^q(theta) pattern file and need to get support from cst for this to see if they can supply someone with a cos^q(theta) pattern file. So, does anyone have maintainance contract that can submit a (...)
It is an antenna with many reflectors in the near field, and I have to change the swiching combinations of the switchs in the reflectors in order to get different signals. and the problem is that there are so many reflectors and so many switches in each reflector. Then it (...)
i have a made a structure on cst which have a substrate on which a fractal metal structure is pasted .... and i have to measure the S21 and S11 (or transmittance and reflectance).... basically i want to incident electric filed on this structure (...)
Hi! I am trying to solve the following problem: plane wave excites a sphere made of Ag placed in free space. Boundaries are opened, for Ag I use the drude model in optics. I place a broadband farfield monitor and get a field depending on teta and phi in (...)
hi i am tyring to understand the copolar and cross polar field components of patch antenna i have simulated a simple linear polarized microstrip fed patch antenna in cst it is lying in xy plane. with the patch length along x axis and width along y (...)
Hello Guys, I am trying to get the phase information of a farfield pattern but all I can get from cst is magnitude (dB) plot. Can any one help me? Thanks in Advance
I can`t updat my cst even with auto update of cst!! I search more and more to find service pack file (.sup) for cst but I`m disappointed. when i run cst simulation in SAR field, it occur a strange problem : "matrixcalc.exe (or matrixcalc_AMD64.exe for 64-bit windows) has (...)
hello In cst MWS when we simulate any antenna then in 1D result there are two result Balence and Energy. i want to modify these result so tell me how can i modify these result??? what is the parameteer which affect these results and how can i do this???? These two result is most importent factor for (...)
How do i create a polar plot of an antennas farfield as a function of spherical angle phi? I can only generate a 3D plot and I'm basically trying to get a cutplane of this result.