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Hello someone can help me for this problem? How can one post the option of the Farfields (radiation pattern; gain and directivity) of antenna in cst? Thanks
Hallo, in fullwave simulation, waveguide ports are used to excite the structure with energy. I am talking about driven problems only. A 2D Eigenmode solver determines the excitation field in preprocessing, and considers it as time varying boundary condition in the solution process. The characteristic impendance (...)
Can we view the current distribution in cst? My design is spiral shape antenna, and I want to get the animation current distribution! Is it possible in cst v5.1?
Hy, i need some help with finding the phase pattern of an antenna simulated by cst. 2. does the phase of the pattern change rapidly throw the phase of the antenna ? thanks in advance
thats probably becuase cst is a time domain solver
hi, i'm new in designing antenna, i work on project to design a patch antenna for GPS, and using cst Microwave studio, i just want to know how to calculate the axial ratio. and want to know how to get radiation pattern for farfield or know the zeros and (...)
I am trying to simulate an aperture coupled microstrip antenna in cst microwave studio but it is giving error "parallel symmetry planes! No farfield calculation possible" What is the problem I haven't set any symmetry plane! why i am not able to get fafield data.
Hello everyone, I am trying to import cst microwave studio time simulations results to MATLAB, the ascii export works but is very tedious and cannot be used for 3d field results. Is there a method to import cst Microwave Studio field results files (.t3d) to MATLAB directly Best (...)
cst - Computer Simulation Technology announces augmentation of its 3D EM field solver palette. The new module, based on the Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM), is dedicated to tackling electrically large problems and will be available in Q3 of 2006. Design engineers engaged in areas such as automotive, aerospace & (...)
I have modeled an SMA edge board connector in cst and I want to simulate its E field, S-Parameters, etc. Where and how should I connect the ports? My model includes the pcb, ground plane and a microstrip line connected to the inner part of the connector (see (...)
Hello, Could anyone explain me how to get information about radiated and accepted power for any antenna simulation in cst? Also, what is the difference between radiated and total efficiency in far field results. Regards
Putting any E-field farfield probe into an cst Simulation one gets the Probe Results for this probe in the 1D-Results tree. My question now is not really depending on the Simulation tool. How can I calculate S2,1 from the |P|db measured at the farfield probe. which is given ,and what (...)
but as light is also an electromagnetic field I think it should be possible to simulate E,H-field in optical components as well I think you right. just get it from cst for evaluation for one month and check it yourself. It's user frienly and you can get help from (...)
Hi, is there anyone that knows how to get the antenna efficiency in cst? is it in the 1D result? but I cannot find it..... thanks in advance.
is it possible to load 3D field data to a MWS simulation from another MWS simulation? What I want to do is the following. I want to run a simulation with the device inserted into the simulation domain and another simulation with the device removed from the simulation domain. Then I want to load the field data from the (...)
How do I create a differential mode excitation when I wish to excite a pair of coupled lines in cst? In port properties just select more modes (say 5), calculate them and select the right field distribution for simulation.
Hello, I'm wondering, has anyone done any experimenting with the new software from cst called "Particle Studio"? I'm wondering, does it have particle tracking features beyond those of EM Studio? I'm thinking it doesn't make sense to introduce another software package to do what they could have done with EM Studio, unless the ultimate goal
Hi, I tried to simulate the calssical problem of scatttering from a plate due to an incident plane wave on cst. I created a thin plate and defined the exciation as a plane wave. but couldn't get the expected current singularities near the edges that are parallel to the incident electric field, even after refining the mesh (...)
Hello, I have a stripline circuitry, where I would like to probe the input current. I have created a closed rectangular loop around the center conductor and added H-field monitors, hoping to integrate the curve (Results->Evaluate curve) based on Amphere law and compute "I". cst MWS (...)
Hello everyone, I'm simulating a piece of 50 ohm microstrip line using cst MWS 4.3. I've defined an input and an output port and simulated the line with no special difficulty. so far so good. The problem : The output port must connect to the antenna, which introduces a complex impedance (...)