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hi all, im simulating an antenna in cst microwave studio. i have added matching component in cst design studio and the S11 is good. i want to simulate antenna efficiency and gain with this matching components. how do i do that? thanks
Hi, I'm searching informations about EM simulations (by using the cst Microwace studio environment) which are focused on biological, liquid materials (such as orange or tomato juice). I'm wondering whether such material definition are existing (have you ever use it) and how liquid can be simulated in cst. (...)
Hi, I've got a very large and resonant structure and I'd like to reduce simulation time by using AR-Filter option in cst. This option needs to setup some parameters. Is there someone who can help me to setup this function please? Thank you very much for your support!
I want to do the scalar multiplication on one graph of the ID results in cst Microwave studio using Macro. 133918 But i am getting error in getting signal. After doing the scalar multiplication and i want to display the results in the form of new plot. Thanks
Which version of cst studio you are using? Use HFSS for microwave simulation.
I have simulated a 3D EM model in cst (HFSS). Then in the Design studio, I have developed a tuning circuit which is fed to EM model. cst then calculates the fields in EM model according to this excitation from the design studio. A similar operation can be done with HFSS and Nexxim (by using (...)
I'm trying to simulate a superconducting microwave resonator using cst Microwave studio, and need to take account of the kinetic inductance to accurately model the resonant frequency. I've tried defining an additional reactance through a material with a tabulated surface impedance, up to several orders of magnitude higher (...)
hello friends i want to simulate 2 layer pcb and calculate s parameters. this 2 layer pcb have complex structure . in cst micro wave studio with frequency domain solver its have too long time for simulating and not appropriate . can any one help me to reduce thats needed time for simulation (...)
Hello, I have a question about an antenna simulation with cst studio Suite. I have a Bowtie-Antenna, which is fed by a balun and a coaxial cable. 132366 I want to simulate the reflection coefficient of this antenna with cst with a differential feeding. Now my problem is, that I do not know which way of (...)
Hi, I construct a Sierpinski fractal antenna in cst MW studio with using parameters. I need to build a model fourth iteration of the antenna . I got to the third iteration , and I want to ask : it somehow simply copy the triangles so that they are still dependent on changing the parameters ? I do not want to write any (...)
If problem is just to change the background material the answer is very simple cst>Simulation>Background (It is on the left most corner) and from here you can assign the material of your choice from cst library. By default it is PEC
Hi everyone, I am new to cst studio Suite and I am trying to design a triangular Bow Tie Antenna. The triangles are made of copper and they are placed on FR-4 material. My problem is that I don't know how to design the differential feeding for the antenna. Can I use two discrete ports or do (...)
I'm new to cst studio and I'm trying two simulate two antennas together. What I want to know is when I add excitation to one antenna, how strong would the signal be when it is received by another signal. The two antennas are both dipole antennas and are designed to be at frequency 2.4GHz (...)
hi to all, i'm working on a wideband antenna with cst studio, and i'd like to see the induced signal in my antenna due to an incident plane wave. Is it possible?
I'm running simulations for an antenna patch, and i'm trying to understand the farfield 3d information that shows from green to red with numerical values assigned to this a side bar showing green to red. I remember that the more red the numerical value, the more round the corner of a square antenna patch physically has, but (...)
hi everyone i wanna create 3 layers silicon to create p-type n-type and I (PIN)diode in cst studio suite how can do this which material needed?
I want export harness file from Inventor or Catia to cst Cable studio. Inventor and Catia export .xml file format, but when import this file to cst Cable studio (Import Cable Harness), cst said "Importing kbl terminated". and I can't import (...)
Hi Can anybody help me to make plot of phase of Antennas' Radiation Pattern in HFSS? in cst studio software, Farfield results, plot "theta phase" and "phi phase" of realized gain of Antenna pattern. How we can plot phase pf pattern in HFSS like cst? Thanks
Any one designed and simulated SMA connector. If any one designed please send their model i will be thankful to them.
Dear all, When looking at the 2D/3D results of a particle tracking simulation in cst studio, is there a way to superimpose two different results (for example electric field vectors and particle trajectories) for a given "3D fields on a 2D plane" plot? Thanks in advance, Jason