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i am planning to design a VSAT antenna.... i managed to make a horn just need to add a reflector in front of this....Please can anyone describe me the geometry of Paraboic shape in cst? or what kind of extrude curve i have to use....this must be a great help for my personal projects. only the physical (...)
hi antenna experts. i designed a Reflectarray unit cell with proper phase shift in cst. i used unit cells in array and fed it by a horn antenna. the solution type is integral equation. now i want to know how can i gain the phase of each element(phase of fields or reflection phase ) after feeding (...)
Hi all. I'm working on Reflectarray. i have designed my unit cell by cst. after designing the unit cell i placed the cells in array form and excite it with a horn antenna. now, each element have it's own phase in re radiating field. so we should know the element phases to compensate them to make all elements radiate in (...)
Have you studied the currents on the outside surface of your horn antenna, particularly around the mouth of the horn? It sounds like you might have high currents that are leaking back onto the outer surface of your antenna, and these currents might be creating the radiation. I think there is a Field (...)
Hi, I've set up a pyramidal horn in cst MWS 2014 with the following properties: Directivity: ~20dBi Design frequency: 10 GHz Waveguide measurements is standard EIA WR-90 x-band. I've simulated this with a E-field monitor and a farfield monitor and the plots for the farfield (...)
Hi, everybody, i need all your help. I want to measure near-field of antenna, e.g. horn, like on the picture. 110917 and i need do it with a macro.110918 I used eField probe like here 110919 To measure all the aperture of horn, i need to use construction For...Next.
Download the free evaluation of antenna Magus. The horn antenna is included. Just input your frequency range and click "design". You can then export the model to cst if you want and import there for further playing around.
Can anyone help me for designing orange peel reflector antenna? I designed it with Integral equation solver in cst MWS software, but when i placed horn in front of a reflector and run it in transient solver, patterns are lost. I do not what can i do, Please help meeeeee I needed it very soon my email:
actually i have no idea about waveguide mode. i am a beginner user for cst simulation. do u mean that i just simply need to right click at port part and increase the number of mode to 2? "the exist hybrid modes at inhomogenous port 1. this could lead to an inaccurate energy balance. please check your structure">>> i got this error after increase th
Hello there, I want to simulate ridged horn antenna in the cst. I have an analytic equation that describes the ridges and I want the Matlab will plot me the points that realize the equation and import them to the cst.How can I do it? TNX.
Hiii everyone,i am doing a project on slot antennas using cst software but i don't know how to feed the waveguide.could anyone please tell me the design and simulation procedure for slotted waveguide antenna.thamq in advance... REGARDS PICSA !!!!
Hello forum, I am new with antenna and cst, sorry if there are some stupid questions; In fact, I have a mini-project about simulating a pyramidal horn antenna, I don't know what exactly do, and what parameters should I play with to enhance the horn's gain, A great thanks (...)
Hi Dear Members, I have some problems in simulation of a horn antenna in cst. Frequency range: 27.9-28.1 GHz R_port1= 7.15 mm Result: operating frequency at excited port1: 29.4 Ghz operating frequency at output port: 28 GHz This is my model 59690 What happens with operating frequency of wave at excit
HI everybody!!! My thesis is to design single layer RA by cst. Indeed I start to use cst 2 days ago and really I am completely confused by many settings on it :sad: Could anybody tell me the steps to design unit cell and get phase plot??? and how to feed by horn??? I appreciate any (...)
Hi, I'm using cst microwave integral solver to study lens antennaes. When i tried to analyze a PEC feedhorn its all ok, but making it a lossy metal one makes Directivity < Gain :S and that's clearly wrong for example taking the horn from the macros, MACRO>Construct>Online>horn (...)
go to download and install it for evaluation 4 or 5 antenna for free from list of 100 horn one of them you build it in magus and then export to cst all done automatically with parameters so try it.
it's not possible with HFSS but you can simulate a 24cm*24cm relectarray in X band in cst with the horn feed.(using symmetry plane) i vote u i make 31*31 reflectarray using cst with symmetrical H wall and E wall HFSS is ideal ofr getting only the phase figure regards
hi all,i have little question of cst how can i polt the field of any antenna at any position(not near field nor far field) i make horn and put probe in my desired postion ,so how can i measure field I(i.e. how could i rotate the probe to measure the field pattern ) i wait so fastly ur reply
Hi I am just trying to learn cst MWS 2006. I have modelled a horn antenna which is already realised. The antenna resonates at 15GHz. I have assigned a waveguideport to the antenna. But I am finding almost entire signal being reflected. I request you to kindly try to locate the problem. I feel I have (...)
Hi, First of all I want to thank to ?plasma?. I attached two files whose names are "ydene7r3" and "ydene7r4". In the files we have horn antenna exciting at port 1 and the micromachined antenna in front of it. In "ydene7r3" there is single antenna (made of gold) and (...)