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Reference thread: plasma antenna technology employs ionized gas enclosed in a tube (or other enclosure) as the conducting element of an antenna. This is a fundamental change from traditional antenna design that generally employs solid metal wires as the conducting element. Ionize
Referencing this previous thread: how can we simulte the antenna plasma monople in cst I tried to draw it and siumulted but . no resulat . more over the same antenna using metal ; i got the go result can someone helps me to simulate plasma antenna ?
Hello all I try to construct a plasma champer excited by microwave energy. Before construction i want to simulate it with cst, first without the plasma and then ,if possibole, with the plasma load. The champer includes (1) A box cavity. (2) An ellipsoidal cavity. (3) An antenna located in the box (...)
I am trying to design an Inductively Coupled plasma Ion Source and do it's 3D simulation. Which software is the best for this perpose? cst, HFSS , ... ?
Yeah ..plasma is write...Microstripes is still a Flomerics product and still some latest version of microstripes is coming soon and product purchase is availble from cst....May be in coming ver like 2009 microstripes is added with an additional cost cuz they using different TLM based solver
Hi, First of all I want to thank to ?plasma?. I attached two files whose names are "ydene7r3" and "ydene7r4". In the files we have horn antenna exciting at port 1 and the micromachined antenna in front of it. In "ydene7r3" there is single antenna (made of gold) and in "ydene7r4" 381 antenna with the same geometry (...)
Hello, I am trying to simulate an asymmetric CPW which consists of only a ground plane and a strip. The manual suggests that the port size should be about 3-5times wide of strip width. and it is trustable for conventional CPW and microstrip line structures. However, for this asymmetric CPW with the same strip width (W), there is a great (...)
There is a commercial EM simulation tool that models metamaterials ? MEFiSTo (based on can see a nice animation there This is the first time to hear about this software package. I wonder why they haven't made much publicity, because the packages they produce have many attractive
Hi Mician work well with cst mws as U_F_O wrote: you have to do special request and get 1) internet flex licence ( not time limited ). 2) timelimited version with hardlock. then you will get from mician password to download the software now there is ver4.9. plasma