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hi I want to export file .hfss to file of cst (from hfss to cst), but i don't know to do it plz tell me how to export it tnx
I would like to contact someone with experience in cst studio (or HFSS, ansoft Designer) for antenna simulation and optimization. Anyone interested in freelancing for cst studio? Cortes.
hi refrences about dra : softwares: EMSS FEKO , ansoft HFSS , cst best regards
hi all can we simulate microstrip patch antenna on ansoft designer how it will be diffrent as compared to hfss, ie3d and cst does ansoft desiner is fast as compared to hfss regards kartik
pSpice may not be suitable for this type of simulations. Try ANSYS HFSS or cst MICROWAVE STUDIO - 3D EM simulation software BTW, pSpice is a circuit-level simulator
cst MWS is not suitable for large structure. It is based on Finite integration Technique and uses volume discretization. I think, you should use ADS Momentum of FEKO Software. They are based on the Moment Method. Also, if you are familiar with ansoft HFSS, so you can use Floque boundary condition to overcome this probl
Can anyone Recomend me the best Simulator for Electromagnetic Wave ? 1.ansoft HFSS Microwave Studio Post added at 14:12 ---------- Previou
I have strange capacitors(active and negative) and i have measured S parameters(touchstone format). So i need to calculate far field of antenna using that capacitors. How can i import S parameters to cst microwave studio or HFSS. Like new lumped element, but not simple as RLC. I tried with cst design studio, but i can only calculate S parameters
Hi I Have a circuit with simulated S-parameters for it, in cst or HFSS. How can I move these S-parameters to ADS and use eye probe to get eye diagram? I think I can't simulate my structure in ADS and obtain S-parameters. Is This correct? Thank you for your replys.
For your problem, you need a volume meshing ("full 3D") solver like Agilent EMPro, cst Microwave Studio, ansoft HFSS, Empire XCcell, XFDTD
Why do you need ansoft desiger for wavequide slot antenna? ansoft designer is a planar EM simulator, not realy a 3-D tool. I have seen quite a few tutorials for HFSS, which you have mentioned and I presume you have access to it, but nothing what you need. Maybe there is a tutorial for another 3D simulator, like cst or similar, that you can (...)
This web site is a bit dated. For instance, Flomerics MicroStripes is actually now a component of cst Microwave Studio. There are other technical issues on this web site that make it appear to be at least 3-4 years old. When you are comparing the technical capabilities of various commercial EM software tools, this is a very long time for relevan
Hi all, I am researching on UWB Antenna, specially the Sinuous Antenna. Who can help me to plot the sinuous curve? Plz! This my email : Thanks so much!
Hi, I am also trying to simulate an air core solenoid but with cst MWS or HFSS, have u used such softwares? if yes, can u have a look to my post .
I can confirm that for the university license the price is approx. 3k for the cst as well for the HFSS.
For EM Circuit Simulation : For EM circuit simulation you can go for :- 1. ansoft HFSS 2. Sonnet 3. AWR Microwave Office 4. Agilent Eagleware 5. cst Microwave Studio //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// For Antennas Simulation: 1. Zeland IE3D 2.
ADS, MWO, Genesys, ansoft, Sonnet, HFSS, cst, Feko, Zeland, etc. Hi, Thank you vfone, these are also software simulators? I need a very simple program to calculate coil :-)
As long as you use capacitive coupling with inductive load, then you have metamaterial filter. You can simulate it with distributed elements on cst. As reference please go to the ansoft website and download the application note called "Left-HandedMetamaterial DesignGuide", there you will find some guidelines how to design your metamaterial filte
Hi everyone, I want to use and learn one of the most popular softwares as mentioned. But I don't know which one is more commonly used and which one is more preferred, FEA or FIT ? Thanks in advance
you can create this shape with polyline in CAD from cst or ansoft for example.

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