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Hi I am working on wakefield analysis in a Multi-Bunch Normal conducting FEL Structures. For this I used HFSS for modeling as I wanted to plot Dispersion Curves for all cells so I used master slave boundary condition. Since there is no specific tool in HFSS for wakefiled analysis so I imported the model in cst Wakefield solver. I have (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate a ship model (Teleost) as given in this journal (attachment) using cst micro wave studio. I am confused about the boundary condition that is to be used to get the same result. Moreover there is this statement mentioned in the journal as follows "To calculate the RCS of the model,the grid is reflected in the (...)
Dear All, i need to simulate a pcb in cst ,but i dont know whats appropriate boundary condition ! can anyone help me ?
Hi, I want to get the PBG of a triangular lattice using cst eigenmode solver. I put the boundary condition as follows +/- x: Periodic +/- Y: Periodic +/- z: Et=0 I know that the phase x and phase y parameters are to be swiped over some angle (As we do for rectangular lattice 1 from Γ to X point of Brillion zone (0,0) to (...)
Dear all, I have attached a cst files. I want to set up 2 webguid port with boundary condition. I have already done it. But i am thinking that it is not working properly. Any one check that files and amend it pls. It would be great help for me. THanks
Hi every one I have a problem with periodic boundary condition in cst software. I have a cylinder with two layer coating which is infinite along z axis I used periodic boundary condition for z This warning occured: Inhomogeneous material at periodic boundary detected. Farfield (...)
Hi there, I'm assuming you are using cst MWS. You need to go to "open boundaries" settings and check that it is set to center frequency and monitors.
Hi, I have designed a single unit cell csrr metamaterial and microstrip patch antenna using cst. I don't know how to combine these two structures together and what port (waveguide/discrete) should I used to run the simulation when they are combined. The boundary condition for metamaterial is magnetic for z axis, electric for x axis and open (...)
I'm simulating a grounded CPW in cst, I want to apply a proper boundary condition to it? who know what is the suitable boundary condition? what envirement i shoud use in cst? note that i'm simulating a GCPW fed Horn antenna if this effect the boundary (...)
Hi All, I'm simulating a magnetostatic problem involving two magnets separated by a thin copper spacer. The total magnetic assembly is on the order of 10 mm cubed. The magnetization is in the same direction and I use open boundary conditions on all sides. The problem is that I find that the height of the magnetic field zero point moves aroun
Hi sorry,i didn't have cst simulation experience. In the HFSS, it is need to set the boundary condition of free space (air box) for simulation and according to the HFSS full book suggest as below The Radiation boundary needs to be placed at least lumpda/4 from radiating devices. the bigger is better for air box, because it
I'm simulating One of the IEEE paper , but i've got some problem , i used two ports( X dimension) for feeding through Waveguide port , but when i want to assign boundary condition to another Dimension , i have to assign to feeding port. please chech my file : original shape : i.tinyuploads.
Hi all, I want to simulate asymmetric SRR structures using transient solver. Because of the asymmetry I cant use PEC and PMC boundary conditions and while using Periodic boundary condition I get the following error "Waveguide port touches periodic boundary condition". Is there anyway to (...)
I want to simulate a monopole antenna, provided with a ground plane. Can someone please explain what settings to be put in 'boundary conditions' and 'background material' in cst Microwave Studio.... considering I want it to simulate anechoic chamber surrounding.
i am simulating a structure with cst , my boundary conditions are all open add space . when i simulate my structure in frequancy range btw 2 to 6 gh i get totally different result than when i simulate the same structure in frequancy range 2-10 gh . so , what is wrong :?: :?: :-?
Dear all, I have simulated some published papers' unit cell structure for getting "s" shaped phase curve using cst mws 2010. I draw the unit cell on x-y plane. Then in boundary condition I use x-min and x-max as perfect magnetic wall, y-min and y-max as perfect electric wall, z-min as perfect electric wall for shorting and keep z-max open (...)
hi Do you know what is the optimum distance from air box in cst? what is the best answer for adding space to open boundary condition? when I use lambda/4 and lambda/2 in central frequency the answers are different. thanks
Hi everybody ... I have simulated an FSS structure with no unit cell boundary condition, to make a real simulation ... and used a waveguide port to make a plane wave ... there was no problem for my structure until I made the FSS structure total size bigger than the area of waveguide .... I mean you can feel some thing blunged out of waveguide
Hello, I designed the 38 GHz dielectric resonator filter using cst microwave studio. Now I have problem to set the boundary condition of dielectric resonator filter during simulation. How to the set boundary condition? is it to set Et=0 or Open? As attached is the designed of 38 GHz dielectric (...)
Hi I designed a nanoantenna structure in cst and defined a plane wave for excitation and boundary condition is set to open add space. when I try to run FD solver for it, program gives an error about fd solver not working with open boundaries . is it common or I missed some settings somewhere ? cause I've read that fd solver is the (...)