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Your computer will crash as you have given a very wide frequency range for the simulation. For software like cst you have to be very careful and use some tricks to complete the computation. Possible solutions can be 1. Divide your frequency range into small chunks as it will greatly help you to relax the mesh requirement at lower frequency ranges
Hello everyone, i am trying to simulate in cst the radiated field from a microstrip which is placed on a pcb. By means of cst PCB Studio tool, I have selected a pcb net associated with a microstrip and exported it to cst MWS. In cst MWS I have now my microstrip with entire stack-up of pcb substrate. Here i am stuck. (...)
Hello. I did a lot of research about this without finding any solution. If anyone has any similar experience on accessing results using the cstResultReader.dll I'll be glad to use his help. I'm running simulations on a log-periodic antenna so I'm insterested in exporting the broadband characteristics into MATLAB. This is happening automaticall
Dear all, Can anyone show me that how to plot antenna gain vs. frequency when using cst frequency domain solver? When using cst time domain solver, I have plotted antenna gain vs. frequency based on broadband monitors. However, cst does not support broadband monitors when using frequency domain solver. (...)
Hi, I saw this video on YouTube 38.16 is shows a simulation of broadband RCS. I tried to do it myself, but I did not manage to. I cannot find any options regarding this type of simulation? What I would like to do is: Radiat
hello every1 im at the last semester of my EE. im doing a final project about ISAR imaging i made the algorithem at matlab and now i wanna test it i have tryed alot to get the Es from cst for a broadband frequncies and scanning angle and i couldnt figure it out if any1 know how to get it as a matrix or whatever please help me thanks
Dear rf_1008, I used cst MWS for RFID antennas but some years ago I intensively used HFSS for other things. As you already know, the input impedance of the chip has generally a capacitive reactance. Because of that, the antenna itself must offer an inductive input reactance. Firts of all, in order to simulate the matching, you'd better need a c
Dear all, I need to get reflection (Gamma) for a plane wave incident on a half-space dielectric...This is needed for a broadband so transient analysis is the best way to do it...I ran the simulation but no result related to reflection is obtained in 1-D or 2 or 3-D results....Any ideas?
A cst question: How can I use time domain solver to get S11 frequency response? I read in the manual that we can do that by Transient Simulator "broadband calculation of S-parameters from one single calculation run by applying DFT?s to time signals" but i don't understand what does that mean? Can someone help?
I think for a strip line balun antenna cst is ,probably, the most appropriate tool. Its GUI for structure design is very powerful, you can add your own VBA code lines, also its Transient Simulator is very fast as compared to other softwares. cst is based on time domain techniques. If you have a small structure and you want broadband (...)
Hi, I'm researching which types of EM simulation tools are commercially available to aid my project. HFSS, cst MSW, and COMSOL are the 3 that have caught my interest (since we have copies of COMSOL in our lab). So here is the broad outline for the antenna that I will be researching: -Electrically small -broadband (up to 100 GHz, 1 THz, Infra
Hello friends, I am working in Phase Shifters for broadband Applications and need to find Structure phase Shifters for the same. I am using cst Studio Suite 2008 (MWS) for my simulations. I am using it . to built do Compact Linear Lead/Lag
I'm having trouble figuring out how to generate a monostatic RCS in cst Microwave Studio. The broadband RCS plots in Template-Based Postprocessing are definitely not that, but it's unclear from the manual what exactly they are. The Farfield macro "Calculate Monostatic RCS" doesn't work, possibly because I don't have an I-solver license. I want
Hi! I am trying to solve the following problem: plane wave excites a sphere made of Ag placed in free space. Boundaries are opened, for Ag I use the drude model in optics. I place a broadband farfield monitor and get a field depending on teta and phi in far zone. 2 questions: 1) The field I got - is it the sum of scattered + incident, or
Has anyone spent time recently comparing the broadband s-parameter frequency sweep interpolation engines of 3D EM simulators like HFSS and cst? I am trying to simulate a 15th order LPF implemented using coaxial elements. Due to the construction and design, the filter is very high Q. However, I am finding that cst is having a really (...)
Also Microwave Office, cst
Hello all. I noticed that when calculating far fields in cst Microwave Studio single fequency and broadband farfield monitors give different results even at the limits of frequency interval (Fmin and Fmax). Does anybody have an idea about such behaviour?
Is it possible to plot directivity versus frequency in cst Microwave studio? If yes then how? :) Added after 34 minutes: There's one solution: to setup "single" farfield monitors at some frequency set and after simulation use Results->Template based postprocessing->1D results->Farfield (broadband)-> but
hi during simulation of some structures in cst . i get the this warning message: maximum number of pulse widths simulated,solver stopped. please note that the steady state energy criteria has not been satisfied. can we trust the results if one get this warning message and if not what can we do to avoid this warning than
Your case is very similar with my first exercise about broadband-patch antenna. I have found that your port is not defined properly! I called to cst supporter and he said the waveguide port should not cover the outer conductor of coaxial cable. That means, you should only check the face of the middle dielectric of cable and de