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Hi, When we design an antenna in cst or HFSS, we define "waveport" at the feeding terminal with a "rectangular cross section". But practically we feed the antenna by SMA connector connected with a 50 ohm coax. My question is why these EM software use "waveport"? Why don't we just place a SMA connector in cst/HFSS and simulate? I read abo
Hello, I have a question about an antenna simulation with cst Studio Suite. I have a Bowtie-Antenna, which is fed by a balun and a coaxial cable. 132366 I want to simulate the reflection coefficient of this antenna with cst with a differential feeding. Now my problem is, that I do not know which way of designing the an
I want export harness file from Inventor or Catia to cst cable Studio. Inventor and Catia export .xml file format, but when import this file to cst cable Studio (Import cable Harness), cst said "Importing kbl terminated". and I can't import my file.:cry: anybody can help me?:sad: 129739
Hi, I have a problem with my simulation in cst where I have a rectangular cavity with a simple SMA opening as a set of coaxial cylinders with dimensions I have checked to make 50 Ohms. I intend to simulate the resonance of EM waves entering the cavity and I calculated the dimensions of the cavity to fit resonance of around 2 GHz, but when simula
I created a dipole antenna in cst and built it by hand using componants in my lab. The problem is that when I use the network analyzer to measure the impedance and VSWR, the results are not the same as the simulation. I can create a matching circuit using ADS or change the measurements of the length/width of the dipole, but I feel that this sho
Hello. I am working a project with cst cable Studio for my university. I am new in the cst software and I would like to know how can I change the way the H-field is displayed. I would appreciate your help :)! I have this: 117879 And I would like to have a display like: 117878
Hello, As I was getting strange results with cst, I decided to simplify my simulation. It is now a simple loop 1mx1.27mm that I irradiate with a plane wave 10V/m and 10MHz (figure attached). E field is longitudinal => no effect. H field is orthogonal: its action is easy to calculate by using e=-S.dB/dt => around mV accross the 50 ohm loads at th
Dears, I am simulating a kind of coaxial cable at cst MWS using TD and need to know losses in metalic walls and dielectric in all simulated band. I can see these losses in 1D Results/Power/Excitation but it is for just 1 frequency, that frequency specified to H monitors. Does someone know how to obtain losses data (in metalic wall and dielectrics)
I have a planar antenna designed in cst. I worked out the sizes using pen and paper, and made a parametrised antenna. My antenna is very close to the 2.4 GHz design frequency, but not perfect. Is there a way to tell cst to vary one of my parameters (patch length) till the min S11 is at 2.4 GHz? Thanks!
Hi, I have CCD and Amplifier that are connected by a Flexi cable with 37 microType-pin Connector. The EM target is to model the system with cst cable STUDIO. CCD output impedance is 500 ohm Amplifier External Load is 1oKohm or higher Which is the impedance of each in-pin?Is 500ohm or 500/37 ohm? And for the output impedence? (...)
use :- Macros> Calculate> Calculate analytical line impedance> coax You can take the values required:- D=2.82mm d=0.5mm er=4.3(FR4) Zo=50.02 ohms
hai.. Now I am designing a microstrip patch antenna with coaxial feeding technique....I am using cst microwave studio for simulation purpose..and I am new to that software ...I need to know how to fix a coaxial line in the antenna for feeding purpose by using cst Microwave studio..???
Hello all, I am new to antenna design... I am wondering if anyone could explain about the port creation in a microstrip patch antenna? What exactly is port? What does the port mean in a physical sense, are they suppose to be the same dimension as suggested by the design rule? if that the case, what should designer do for micro structure antenna? Th
I've design inner, outer and dielectric to get desired impedance. I try to simulate in cst but: I try to use port ( can define impedance) but can't simulate due to the port must not in PEC. I try wave port but I can not define system impedance . Pls give suggestion.
Hi, I need to simulate structure excited with a capacitor through long coaxial cable. From past experience modeling coaxial cable takes prohibitively long time. Can I substitute the cable with network of lumped components? If so how to derive such network? How to simulate capacitor discharge?
Hello everyones! I'm trying to simulate the reflection from a thin layer of lossly metal (in ,my case NiCr). as we know the resistence of a thin layer (smaller then the skin depth) should be constant. I connect a 100nm NiCr layer to the end ofa coaxial cable and simulate the S11 from this layer. after calculating the load on the endg of the cab
Hi, I would like to simulate a microstrip in cst. 82964 On one side of microstrip there is coaxial cable, it's cooper core will touch the line. In the end of the coaxial cable will be lumped port between core and the end of cable (shield with pec). On the second side of microstrip will be also lumped port. Which solver shal
In the example of cst, when they simulate S paramter for T coaxial cable they just put wave guide port at 2 port. Infact we need terminate the rest end with termination load. Does the way cst simulate correct?
hi all i have designed a bow tie antenna for GPR in cst that will work between 500mhz-2ghz but the reference impedance is 250 ohms and it will be having a coaxial feeding i need to design a BALUN that will convert 250 ohm to 50 ohms (coaxial cable). can anyone help . Thanks in advance Vaibhav Thakur
Hi, Does anyone know if EMcos EM studio or Feko 6.1 has bi-directional capabilities for cable bundle simulation similar to what is available in cst cable studio? Which is easier to use for complex cable harness simulation in aircrafts? Many thanks. Element7k