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Hi i am doing my research on conformal antenna design. i am designing an simple circular patch antenna using cst 2009 and trying to bend it, but the problem is i cant calculate the bending angle and radius of curvature. Basically, For which radius i will get which angle????? So will you guys give me some idea about (...)
Hello Please, how to feed these CPW antennas in cst ? which port should i use ?
How to increase the thichness of the patch in a conformal antenna on cst
look at Easy Design Flow for a Cylindrical Patch antenna Array
I am doing my project on conformal antennas and I need to simulate using cst. Can anyone share with me his design Thank you, Tarek
I think it's quite easy to simulate conformal antenna using cst. cst has bending feature, that is to bend patch antenna that you want on a cylindrical structure. You can read it in the manual guide.
Hi to all, I am simulating a conformal array antenna in cst. The model is vary large so it takes a long time. I would like to know if I can simplify my model. For example: The antenna has a surface (material = PEC) with a certain thickness. I would like to know if I can mesh only the surface rejecting the rest of the (...)
hi there how do you simulate conformal antenna on cylindrical surface using cst MWS. i want to see the response of patch antenna when it is bended along a curved surface? do you model planar antenna and then use some way to bend it ? or you directly model the curved antenna? (...)
hello, in cst: 1)define metal cylinder as ground with certaiin inner and outer radius. cylinder thickness should be taken to accurately model connector 2)define substrate cilinder with inner radius same as outer radius of metal ground ciliner and outer radius according to substrate thickness 3)define second metal cylinder for patch 4)for rec