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hi everyone,for the last one year i am working on designing a UWB antenna in cst. i have few doubts on cpw port dimensions in cst mw studio. 1. is my port dimensions to excite the cpw are correct ? if not please correct me 2. what are the details we need to consider before defining wave port dimension to excite (...)
hello frds, recently i designed conventional cpw fed UWB monopole antenna in cst, i dnt know whether my wave guide port dimensions to excite the cpw feed are correct or not. can anyone simulate the designed antenna and provide remarks.
Can anyone help me regading feeding of cpw fed antenna.
please help me by providing cpw feed port dimesnions in cst to exite the microstrip antenna
its easy if you can import the sma connector design from other softwares. some websites in the internet giving drawing of body phantom and etc for free. you can look it up in the internet for sma. its not easy to draw a shape in cst. you need alot of experience and time to accurately model the shape.
please help me to design sma connector for feeding cpw
I'm simulating a grounded cpw in cst, I want to apply a proper boundary condition to it? who know what is the suitable boundary condition? what envirement i shoud use in cst? note that i'm simulating a Gcpw fed Horn antenna if this effect the boundary condition of structure... tanks
Hi there, I would recommend you to put required boundary conditions. As, parallel plate mode and slot mode are easily excited otherwise. I go for wave guide port size as explained by cst , you can see in cst help section by pressing F1. However, keeping electric wall in sidewall helps to suppress the parallel pla
Hi, I want to connect a microstrip using Copper with a Roger's 3003 substrate to a cpw with Niobium as the center conductor and ground plane and a silicon substrate. I have connected them currently using bond pads, but does anyone have any suggestion for a better way to connect. Also, when i specify the ground plane and center conductor as Ni
Hi all, first of all i would like to confess that i am a newbie in rf design and i may ask very silly questions. please forgive me and i am waiting for your responses. I am trying to design a pifa and/or ifa antenna (all of them are PCB microstrip antennae) in cst design environment. when i was investigating reference example designs on inter
Can someone tell me how to design a microstrip antenna with a triangular patch with cpw feeding on cst??
I think cst and HFSS can have very accurate results. Could you upload your cst file?
Hello all I am trying to design a Bias T using cpw transmission lines in cst microwave studio. I am confused with the DC blocking. Please have a look at the attachment. I am using quarter wavelength coupled lines for blocking DC but on simulation the RF DC isolation gets worse on adding this DC block. If I do not use any DC Block then RF
Hi, I want to design spiral antenna by cpw-fed. please, help me how to design this feed in feko and cst softwares.
To first: discrete ports need to be deembed from s-paramters results. It's possible in cst with macros. But just consider the exication, the waveguide uses a TEM or QTEM mode to excite, in a case of discrete port, it's a current and, depending on discrete port setup, at one point, one face or one edge. Nevertheless it's possible to use discrete por
i'm using cst 2013 , check pic , solver is run it. download file
i am new to antenna design as my PG going on i have to work on antenna design. Currently i am working for antenna design in cst MWS software, but i dont know how to create slot on a patch over a microstip antenna. plz somebody help me for slot design. I am thankful to them.
I want to create a wave-guide port for following structure. It is 'cpw with ground' or 'grounded cpw . What should be the dimensions of wave guide port? Please see the structure below. 96793
Hello, I am simulating a cpw to CPS transition in cst using transient solver. I am not sure if I am setting the port parameters correctly. I tried two appraches:- 1. Defining multipin port and setting up potentials. (But this means I am manipulating my simulation and only getting the desired even mode whereas in reality I might have both
Dear All, I have imported a Differential trace into cst MWS, and I am using "Time Domain Solver" to get S-parameters and TDR measurements; the Problem is that we are getting wrong results.. we have used Polar software and the impedance is 100 Ohm differential.. but the TDR in cst MWS show a 3 Ohm impedance. I am new to cst MWS, it (...)