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If you are able to access cst license, use it to simulate the will give you an quite accurate result. But bond-wire can show some deviation during manufacturing, therefore model it as a parametric component and apply a MonteCarlo simulation to predict MFG variations.
I never simulated Gcpw in hfss but I know that "multipin waveguide port" in cst can make this easier, if you have the choice.
Hi, I intend to plot B/ko and a/ko plots of this paper through simulation either in cst or HFSS. The plots are shown in figure 5 of the paper (link below). The link to implementation of this antenna in cst is below as well. I have come across alot of answers but none of them seem to give me the right plot and at this point, I am not sure which o
Below is your zip file reworked so it contains only your cst project (94 KB). Post #1 still has the link to the research paper.
I am modeling a structure but I get an error like "Body's bounding box exceed valid box. Body size is outside dynamic range of the 3D modeler". Some literature says that the Boudaris conditions on cst studio have to be set to "Open". I have tried that but it did not work. Any help? Thanks :)
If you unite the geometries, the mesh definitions will be combined also. If you want to have different mesh densities for different parts, you must keep them separate. This will work fine for frequency domain and integral equation but it is more complicated for time domain. Are you using time domain solver? Are you using TLM meshing? Unless you
What I have seen for UHF RFID readers are patch antennas. EM simulation is possible and useful, planar simulation with ADS Momentum is a good starting point. A former collegue designed this using cst:
Hi all, i'm facing a issue in using cst microwave studio 2018 where the cst will automatically releases the frontend licence if we are keeping the cst idle for 3 hours. can anyone help me with this issue, because after every 3 hours i have to manually retrieve the license so as to continue the simulation which makes it difficult for long (...)
Does anyone actually draw objects by clicking on the screen? Every time I randomly click a few times and find the object I just created and edit the points. It would be so much easier if I could enter the values immediately instead of having to click a few random points only to edit them afterwards. Another question I have is if there is a way t
Hello everyone, I have problem with cst, it does not demonstrate the parameters S 12, S 21 and S 22 in the graph. Strange that the s11 parameter appears normally.I would like some guidance from someone, why this is not working please.155704
Is there a way to design a flat bowtie antenna from 100MHz to 1GHz? When I design using cst, I can't cover the whole bandwidth no matter how big i make the antenna. The only way it covers more badwidth is if I go up in frequency. I'm just asking if it's possible. I can probably buy a bicone, but every bicone for that frequecny range is very exp
Dear all, I want to draw a planar circular spiral with rectangular cross section in FEKO. I tried to import the model from cst, but the size are all wrong, eg:inner radius. Also, I cannot change the material of the spiral. Many thanks! 155454
Hi, I'm trying to simulate an antenna array together with switches in cst, and meet with two problems: 1. I'm not sure about the procedure. My solution is: add the S-parameter document of the switch into touchstone in schematic view, connect the corresponding ports, add a new task 'block', choose high frequency and Frequency domain, then clic
At an interview today, the engineer told me that Voltage mode controlled SMPS?s need slope compensation to be added when the duty cycle goes >0.5???he said that this slope compensation would take the form of increasing the slope of the already_present synthesized ramp that exists in voltage mode converters?.he drew it for me, and his synthesized_
Hi, I am reading the paper "Broadband Impedance Matching Network for RF Power Amplifiers" and came across idea of realizing Inductor using microstrio line. 155270 (1)As per the above formula, I can find what is the required length of the line for that particular inductor value. Anyone knows the same kind of formula for CP
hi, im designing bowtie antenna on fr4 substrate fed with quarterwave transmission line in cst. but s-parameter is not good, antenna is poorly matching. I ve been trying for like almost 2 months and still couldnt get a good result. If you have any suggestion, it will really help a lot...
I know that cst can simulate PCB layout to predict EMC/EMI issue which will the product fail radiated spurious emission test at certification. can anyone tell me how to do it? any document with simulation procedure is welcomed.
Hello, I am using Insight in EM Vision Suite, available with the MVG Starlab software suite. I need an exact replica of a dual ridge horn (MVG SH 2000) and am attempting to import it as a current source into HFSS via the MVG software. The users manual instructs you how to import into cst but not with HFSS. The export files from Insight are *.and
I'd asked about result of 1D port at cst. For the port mention time signal, and for the x axis is time/s. The number on x axis for example 2e-006, 1,2e-007. I dont know what that means and how to read it. I only onow that i1 is for incident wave, and o1.1 is for reflected wave. But i dont know how to read the result. Anyone can please
Hello, In cst, is there a relation between the calculated Radiation Efficiency and the accuracy of the results? How one would control that? Thanks