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Hello, I have a question about an antenna simulation with cst Studio Suite. I have a Bowtie-Antenna, which is fed by a balun and a coaxial cable. 132366 I want to simulate the reflection coefficient of this antenna with cst with a differential feeding. Now my problem is, that I do not know which way of designing the an
Hi everyone, I am new to cst Studio Suite and I am trying to design a triangular Bow Tie Antenna. The triangles are made of copper and they are placed on FR-4 material. My problem is that I don't know how to design the differential feeding for the antenna. Can I use two discrete ports or do I have to design an extra differential port? Can (...)
Are the service packs for the cst products, incremental (requiring all to be installed) or differential (just the latest to be caught up) from the base installation?
Hello. I've simulated several rings model in cst using lumped ports which have no reference node. When I import the S-parameters into ADS, I found that all ports are single-end and connect to a reference node, the ground in most cases. However, I really need them not connect to a same reference and keep them differential. How should I do?
I'm trying to simulate a differential trace in cst MWS using 2 waveguide ports with multipin selection, i have now this error "Waveguide ports must be aligned with cartesian coordinate planes for the transient solver" and i can't solve it, please help.
Hello, I want to know how we can feed two waveguide ports of structure simulated in cst by 180 degree out of phase signals?? Anyone can help me with that ?? :roll:
Hi folks, i got a cst Structure with waveguide and differential discrete ports. -> How can i import the simulation results to MWO? The waveguide ports should be connected to 50 Ohm ports in MWO and between the differential discrete ports i want to put a lumped element circuit. The whole thing should look the same like in (...)
Dear All, I have imported a differential trace into cst MWS, and I am using "Time Domain Solver" to get S-parameters and TDR measurements; the Problem is that we are getting wrong results.. we have used Polar software and the impedance is 100 Ohm differential.. but the TDR in cst MWS show a 3 Ohm impedance. I am new to (...)
Hello All, I am new to Electromagnetic simulation; I want to simulate a differential Microstrip transmission line to know if there is any impedance discontinuity and have some Questions: 1- I am using waveguide ports, is there anyway to add a differential waveguide port? 2- is there a way to cross probe between TDR plot and the transmission li
I use cst Microwave to simulate nanoantenna. I try to use discrete port as a dipole source. I want to simulate both electric and magnetic dipole source. How can I do it? How can I know that its electric or magnetic dipole source? Thanks.
Hello all, I have been working with cst MWS for about a week now and I am simulating PCB structures, specifically microstrips, both single-ended and differential. I have a lot of experience with 3D modeling and EM solvers. Basically, I was hoping we could share our experiences on what are the ideal settings for the transient solver for ONLY thes
I working on a project and it need to feed the signal by using differential port so that the phase shift is out of phase by 180 degree. It's not the simultaneous excitation method which select in "Excitation Selection" in Transient Solver Parameters. Anyone can help? Thanks!
Hi, Can anyone advise on how to set a differential port for a pair od differential microstrip line in cst microwave studio. Any help will be much appreciated Thank you
Hi! HFSS is also based on FEM. I believe COMSOL (FEMLAB) is a general physics program to solve differential equations. It's strength are that you can adapt the program to your special problem requirement. On the downside the code will not perform as well as specialized tools. Tools like HFSS and cst are specialized on electromagnetics. The s
Would anyone know the basic equation on which EM simulators are working. Like Sonnet is based on TLM , What about cst, Momemtum (@gilent), HFSS, and others... is it Method of Moments, Finite element Method(FEM) , Finite differential Method .... Sonnet uses method of moment, not TLM
Hi P., Thanks All parameters that I set in cst are calculated for 100ohm differential line, but the simulation result is different from desired. The port size was decreased and boundaries were changed to Electric. However, I can not increase transverse mesh density by increasing "Lines per wavelength" or "Lower mesh limit". yhc
Is it possible to simulate differential port in cst Microwave Studio?
How do I create a differential mode excitation when I wish to excite a pair of coupled lines in cst? In port properties just select more modes (say 5), calculate them and select the right field distribution for simulation.
what is the techniqual theory that cst operate with regards
hi yuanzy97 first you have to get ver 4.2 or more ... that's what new in ver4.2 it let you to define port into metal or to define bounding box away from the port not like the previous version plasma For what do you use that function? I don't think you need to upgrade to ver 4.2 because of that. What you d