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Hi, I am using two vivaldi antennas separated with their far field distance (~80cm) in cst Since they are UWB antenna, so I am trying to excite Tx antenna with an input UWB signal (i1 as indicated in port signal folder) But after simulation is completed, I do not see the port signal of Rx Antenna e.g. there is no signal for o2,1 :( (...)
Hello everyone, i am trying to simulate in cst the radiated field from a microstrip which is placed on a pcb. By means of cst PCB Studio tool, I have selected a pcb net associated with a microstrip and exported it to cst MWS. In cst MWS I have now my microstrip with entire stack-up of pcb substrate. (...)
Hello guys, Can anyone guide me that how to plot Normalized power radiated in a specific direction in cst. let say in case of Patch antenna radiating in Z Direction.
Hi, I would like to know how do I see the XY Co and Cross pol, XZ Co and cross pol, YZ Co and cross pol? I am using cst Microwave studio 2014 and would like to analyse these results. Please do help me! Thank you!
I wish to design an antenna using cst with resonant frequency as low as possibly preferably in khz(10-50 khz). Can anyone help me please .
I want to animate the far field monitors and other fields when changing the angle of rotation of the satellite communication system or the movement of objects in cst Studio, how to do it?
Hi, I am calculating radar cross section of dielectric sphere using mie series solution and cst. I compare both results but i could not get the same result. I know cst calculates far field patterns as total field. If i add incident plane wave to the mie solution, it is not the same result of (...)
How i can get scattering cross-section versus frequency in cst, with frequency sweep? i obtained far field for each freq. but i want all in one RCS plot .
Can you post a pic of your farfield monitor settings? Which cst version you are using?
So far - we appear to have struck out on this one. Whether it be HFSS, or cst, or any other, if there is a general approach on how to get a circular polarized wave going inside a waveguide (vacuum) cut out of a universe of PEC conductor, using ports..whatever, it would be nice to discover.
Hi, I'm simulating some antenna with cst MW. I choose far field as field monitor. After it finish, the result inform that "total efficiency is smaller than 1e-4" How can I fix it? and what did I do wrong? Could someone advice me? Thank a lot
Hi Everyone, I am new to cst MWS. I simulated a standard gain horn antenna. But in the 'field Monitor' option, I forgot give the 'far-field parameter' for a particular frequency. Without running the simulation again, Is there any option to get the radiation pattern ??? (To see the (...)
Hi, Maybe you could use the 'E-field monitor' in cst MWS : then you can extract the E-field components with post-processing... Good luck...
Hi all, I have a problem with the cst vba. I use vba scripting language in cst MWS to design a model and run simulation. It's OK. Next step, I want to get the far-field data in .txt file as the Code: (...)
I want to calculate E-field monitor on the surface of a structure (PEC) from the far field gain pattern of an antenna(2 GHz) imported as farfield source on cst MWS. For this I use the I-solver and i want to know: what's the iterative MoM implemented on cst? how the (...)
I agree with oedt, but to get rid of this effect you should put the antennas in far field. This can become a huge challenge for cst in terms of mesh cells. You should do it differently and characterize the antenna with antenna simulations: far field planar wave radiation patterns in Ludwig 3 coordinates are (...)
Such sources are usualy named 'Radiation Pattern Source' or 'far field Source'. These are available in EMCoS EMC Studio, FEKO or cst, I am not sure about HFSS. In each tool you can find in documentation format description. Check out this thread with examples:
hi i dont know how u can cst but in hfss i seen incident wave in executive boundary
Hi, I installed cst 2010 about a week ago, and I tried running a simulation of a model, which I ran in cst 2008 in cst 2010. The frequency range is a bit wide, 0.1MHz to 9GHz(and it worked fine in cst2008.) But it showed this error message and I couldn't get any far field patterns. The (...)
Dear all, I've projected a Vivaldi antenna with the auxiliary of cst Microwave Studio. After the realization of the antenna, I've measured the far field radiation pattern using the anechoic chamber. The measured and the simulated co-polar radiation pattern are not so different. In particular the behaviour of the two curves is almost the (...)