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when i i want to simulate near field in MWS cst,i run the transient solver, it said ''The monitor 'e-field(f=10;z=10)'is outside simulation bounds and will be ignored.'' how can i change the simulation bounds?
ravi8331, could you tell me why you think cst is better for such applications? I think this is a though question to answer since there are so many parameters that influence on the solution accuracy vs time.
hello, i try to simulate the field distribution inside a metalic box (filled with air) provided with a slot. The signal is fed inside through a coax, I use a waveguide port and i get the error message: 'the discretization at port nr 1 is rather poor. please use a finer mesh" I read the help for mesh and waveguide port and still cannot find (...)
hello, I don't understand the semnification of the excitation signal in cst: when I excite a structure with a plane wave, in the excitation s?gnal there is a value of 1, what it means? then for example, I get in a probe a value lets say 5 V/m. Thanks to all.
Hi yuen, I think in this v5 will be able to solve your problem more efficiently. More mesh should be placed around the wires and if it allows, if there are dielectric involved, try to shift them closer by a factor of 1/sqrt(epsr) (I am unsure of the distance so if this is wrong someone pls correct). With regards to the dummy object, say for e