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Hello, I need to import field source equation in cst but I don't know how to do it? is there any particular format? Many thanks.
Hi, I am using two vivaldi antennas separated with their far field distance (~80cm) in cst Since they are UWB antenna, so I am trying to excite Tx antenna with an input UWB signal (i1 as indicated in port signal folder) But after simulation is completed, I do not see the port signal of Rx Antenna e.g. there is no signal for o2,1 :( What
thanks. can we simulate breakdown with cst? can we study the breakdown treshold or estimation using a software? please if anyone know it, help me that which software i can use. many thanks, bejing.
Hello everyone, I am trying to simulate a unit cell by eigenmode solver in cst 2014. I use steps as: "Eigenmode solver -> Parameter Sweep -> Results Template -> 2D, 3D field results -> 3D eigenmode result". I obtained the plot of "frequency vs phase". My question is: How can i obtain the final dispersion diagram (frequency vs beta)
I'm using cst microwave studio for modeling qubit in 3D cavity. I've found eigenmode of the cavity, now I add a model of qubit which is two planes (acts as capacitor) with inductance in between on a silicon chip. Now I should find dipole moment of this capacitor in order to calculate coupling of the qubit to the field in the cavity. The problem is
Hi guys! I am here new like in a field of EM simulations. I started to use cst software for simulation microstrip patch antenna @ 5.8 GHz, feed with coaxial probe. I am interested which of the above mentioned solvers are better in sense of accuracy (which will give better matching with measured results of S11 parameter)? In addition if you have
Hi Can anybody suggest why I am getting the different set of results in following cases for same structure and same solution setup Case 1 Geometry is made in cst and analyzed in cst Case 2 Geometry is made in HFSS and imported in cst and analyzed I am using wake field solver of cst. Any suggestion or (...)
Always keep one very important point in the mind while using softwares like cst or HFSS, you must be very clear what you are doing and you must have very clear idea what you are designing so that you could have a guess of frequency as these softwares define everything with reference to the solution frequency so if you make a very wired guess of fre
I'm using cst Microwave Studio to simulate a thin square cavity resonator, one face of which has a grid of holes. I want to evaluate the amount of field leakage, to relate it to the hole size. This involves quantifying the power transfer through a plane, but at this stage I do not even know how to write out the field intensity values on a (...)
Hello everyone, i am trying to simulate in cst the radiated field from a microstrip which is placed on a pcb. By means of cst PCB Studio tool, I have selected a pcb net associated with a microstrip and exported it to cst MWS. In cst MWS I have now my microstrip with entire stack-up of pcb substrate. (...)
cst has very well elaborated and active online help system if you use the legal software In case of HFSS it is not the case but still type the issue in Google and i am sure you will find lot of help material and examples. The best way is always to start with tutorial
Hi all. I'm working on Reflectarray. i have designed my unit cell by cst. after designing the unit cell i placed the cells in array form and excite it with a horn antenna. now, each element have it's own phase in re radiating field. so we should know the element phases to compensate them to make all elements radiate in phase, but we could no
im getting below error message while simulating my design imported from antenna magus. pls help. "Detected more than two E field components on a TST split edge Error in calculating solver matrix Adaptive port meshing failed."
Hi, everyone. Can I know how to do the postprocess if i want to calculate the maxwell stress tensor from the total E and H field calculated by cst? thanks!
can anyone provide me the code in matlab to import real and imaginary e field values stored in 1d result>>probe thanks
Dear all, When looking at the 2D/3D results of a particle tracking simulation in cst Studio, is there a way to superimpose two different results (for example electric field vectors and particle trajectories) for a given "3D fields on a 2D plane" plot? Thanks in advance, Jason
Is there an easy way to correlate surface current density data with corresponding magnetic field data in 3D... I can easily get access to both but there is no correlation of indexes... I understand that H is used to calculate the surface current on PEC bounders but to get the H for the given current one must search entire H 3D volume and find app
Hi to all, I need to simulate the performance of a receive antenna when this is excited by a near-field source. First of all, I hace exported the near-field from another cst MWS simulation. Then I have imported the near-field source in another simulation when I have placed also the receive antenna. I am using the transiet (...)
hi all where should i look for how can i check parametric results in cst mws thanks kartik
Dear All! I want to measure E and M field of antennas using vector field sensing antenna in simulation environment, Can anyone provide me with useful resources or links to start with it? I can do simulation in HFSS and cst. Looking forward to your kind response. Thank You