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Hello everybody ; I wish to have help please; analyzing the phase of the output S21 of my structure floquet ports under cst I obtained an opposite phase to that I obtained by modeling; the same phase, but reversed (multiplied * (- 1)); I think the error is in the direction of polarization of the ports but I do not know how (...)
Hi ! I am new to cst MWS and I want to analyze a periodic structure, I use the unit cell as boundary conditions, so the software puts automatically floquet ports. But the "Set excitation" line in the "QuickStart Guide" does not get checked. I then run the Frequency domain solver and get results that are ok. The only way to get the (...)
Hi, i working on Plane Wave Interactions with a Dielectric Half-Space at 60THz, but i need help. i couldn't figure it out how to create this structure. Can anyone help me? If you have cst example about this, can you upload here? and i am open to every suggestions. Thanks. 98829
Hi, I'm trying to simulate the attached structure on cst using the FSS template. I don't really know how to assign the excitation signal (wave port), can you please take a look? I tried creating a wave port at Zmin, but received an error "port 1 is defined on the floquet port (...)
Hi all can anyone help me understanding floquet port, what's it and how can I use it to simulate AMC or FSS in cst? please guide me,:sad: Thanks
hi i am trying to do some simulation in cst . but when i try to use FSS template which automatically set up floquet port in zmin and zmax. but when i try to run the simulation it shows that it can not run the simulation as it contains disprsive material at zmin and zmax. how i can shift the floquet port to (...)
Were you able to solve this problem? Please post your .cst file. Thanks!!
any one can upload HFSS or cst file of reflectarray please
Thanks abdoeng, the following are the boundary conditions i am using in cst and also the waveguide port configuration. 5800958010 Are they right? The results are also attached. I want phase-size curve, but i dont know how to get this in cst. The W is the width of rect patch.
Question about the frequency domain solver. When I open up the Frequency domain solver parameters windows, where I can specify 'excitation settings' and such, there is a section called excitation where you can specify the excitation port and mode. I had been using floquet modes for a while, and the mode was labeled TM and TE or I can run all of the
Can someone explain what the floquet modes are? In addtion, when I set a waveguide port at a certain boundary I have the option of specifiying a certain amount of modes. What is the difference between these modes a floquet modes?
Dear All, I need information how to simulate S-parameter LCP and RCP in cst too. Should I use either floquet port or plane wave excitation? However, how I can calculate S-Parameter LCP and RCP because by default cst just calculates the S-11 or S-12 ... Thanks in advance. Regards
cst can do what you cst, you can choose the mode of incident wave.