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im trying to simulate SAR in cst MWS. i know i should select power loss/SAR in field monitoring to do that. but SAR value still not appearing after simulation. so i did open SAR examples in cst and create my own phantom because only head phantom available in cst and what i want is flat/tank phantom. i created my unique (...)
Hello to all respected Members. Wish you to be in good helath. I simulated patch antenna and bend it different textile material for substrate as well patch.... But when I use head model phantom... then my computer slow down and my RAM is 100 utilized.... and some time..give error... also some time it g
Hi everybody, I?m new in cst. I want to start to use this software for simulation of electric field in the human head. Stimulation will be via coil that positioned above the head. Is there any tutorial that I can read for this aim?
A brief google search under "magnetron simulation" will give you a first idea which tools have been previously used for similar projects (e.g. cst). It also clarifies about the problem complexity, which might be over your head.
have you tried using cst Help ? Select shape and choose "Align?" Select face to align with Choose angle
Hi all, I've been trying to simulate a tiny microstrip antenna inside a human head model (layered sphere) and got these error messages: 1. Could not write PEC into file cstproject\microstrip and head\Result\Model.fpf 2. Error in calculating solver matrix. I used the exact same model on the previous simulation, but with bigger size (...)
Hi , I'm a new user of cst microwave , and I would like to simulate the electromagnetic effects of a mobile phone on Brain . I already made a simple dipole antenna with a discret port , But I would like to know if I had to put a waveguide port on the brain to see the effects the antenna could have on , Or if I just have to creat a brain sphere and
Hi to everyone!! I am new with cst.... I want to simulate the effect of RF pulses of a magnetic resonance device on a human head model..and I have some difficulties: - I am trying to import the data of Human Dataset that comes with the program...but although I can open the file and read it I can't import the data, a message appears saying it wa
hello i need HUGO human head model for frequency 1-6 GHz or SAM phantom human head model for sam efrequency range. plz provide me if anybody have. i import this model in cst MWS for further use in my project. thanx
hiiiii all plz tell me how can i remove the error "memory resources exhausted" and "crroe in calculating solver matrix" which appears when i simulate the human head model with direct contact with antenna. plz help me in this area. its very urgent
i want to simulate human head in cst microwave studio. plz help me .
hello everybody.. anyone can tell me how can i simulate the human head model in the cst and HFSS simulation software..... please help me......
anyone know how to simulate our antenna with SAR in cst
i m se3nding you some advance tutorials of SAR analysis in cst microwave studio. i think this will help you to doing SAR analysis in cst.
Hi, I would like to know how I can plot the diagram above using cst. well I have runed cst example which called Four Tissue Phantom head. but I can't succed to plot the same picture.
Could anybody tell me which software is more accurate for design please? I used to HFSS. But i heard somebody else said cst is more speedy and accurate.
Hi, From the website of, I found several Mobile communication applications 1.Human head 2.Automotive Communications 3.Printed Dipole Antenna with Integrated Balun I am now using cst 5.0.2 and can not find such applications under the example folder of cst. I am wondering if anybody has such examples and (...)