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Hi, you can see the example of designing a folded dipole in Example. It is in the driver that you install cst program. Program Files ==>cst STUDIO SUITE ==>Examples ==>MWS==>Transient ==>Antennas :-P
Hi Dear Members I have some problem in my cst simulation. Firstly i excited with a discrete port , as i know discrete port excite wit a signal of 1 watt but I also set user defined excitation with peak at 1000, when run it gives different amplitude (v/m) at probe defined at fequency domain domain and time domain results why they are different ,
Hi, I'm having problem in displaying farfield polar plot in cst 2009 sp6. Transient solver runs perfectly but when I click the farfield plot properties and change from 3d to polar, it only shows: "result unavailable" I tried to install it back into original version (downgrade from sp6). I can display the polar plot but when I run the (...)
Hello, I try to install the SP7 for cst and it keeps saying: "the file modeler_AMD64.exe was modified from it's original version" and the service pack will not install becuase of the error. Anyone seen this and know how to circumvent? thanks.
Can everybody help me how to find Licence the cst service pack 2003? i can install it but i don't know why it doesn't open, and appears a message,tells the licence doesn't work Please help me thanks me
Hi, There is a direct interface called cst LINK, converter exists in cst distribution. Once You install it under Cadence SPB package it appears as a menu in Allegro and allows direct interfacing. Recently there is a problem with it since Cadence changed the tech file format, which this interface is based on. So the thing (...)
I installed cst 2006 at a laptop which uses Intel(R) GM965 graphic chipset (Lenovo T61). When I opened a example file or created a new file, the computer is freezed, and the computer screen changes in very weird color. It seems that the graphic card is incompatible with cst, but I'm not sure. Is there any body who fixed this (...)
Hi, Is cst v 5.1 working with Windows 64 bit ? I tried to install it but I've got problem.
If I may elaborate on Plasma's tip about de-embedding (using cst) : 1. Go to your Waveguide (WG) port definitions. Set the reference plane distance as your feedline length, you should b able to see a port outline set right on the edge of the MS antenna. 2. Run the simulation as you did before. 3.a. Go to "1D results", check the Smit