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how do I find the fundamental modes? For eg. am trying to simulate a dielectric waveguide in air? I am using a discrete waveguide port at the ends. Am not sure about the boundary conditions in cst? Can somebody explain open boundary with add space? Thanks in advance
Hello, The attached Current Mode Synchronous Buck converter has a Current sense transformer (cst) to sense the hi-side FET current. Because this is a Synchronous Buck, the current in the primary of the cst is sometimes AC..(eg when the Buck is lightly loaded) With no-load on the Sync Buck output, it is ?symmetrical? AC current in the (...)
Hi Im new in cst studio and want to simulate a ferrite loaded antenna but I cannot find the ferrite material. I dont know what material Ihave to choose from the offer in the window "load from material library".
hii when i simulate antenna in biomedia then in the cst MWS there is warning "material matrices could not be loaded correctly" plz help how can i remove this warning? thanks
i have a slot-loaded microstrip antenna shown in fed by a microstirp line feed.i think i have to define a waveguideport.but i can't do this.i looked tutorial pages but it told the coaxial feed port.what can i do?where i define the port;next to the feed line? is it same with coaxialfeed?
Your case is very similar with my first exercise about broadband-patch antenna. I have found that your port is not defined properly! I called to cst supporter and he said the waveguide port should not cover the outer conductor of coaxial cable. That means, you should only check the face of the middle dielectric of cable and de
Hello,everyone, How to simulate a resistively loaded or capacitively loaded dipole in cst MW v5.0? Never see an example till now. Added after 1 hours 16 minutes: Anyone help?Thanks!