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Hello, every Macro manual that i encountered using already defined shapes like a brick or a cilinder. is there a way like in Matlan to plot a 3D function. i would appriciate an example or a manual. Thanks
I'm using cst microwave studio for modeling qubit in 3D cavity. I've found eigenmode of the cavity, now I add a model of qubit which is two planes (acts as capacitor) with inductance in between on a silicon chip. Now I should find dipole moment of this capacitor in order to calculate coupling of the qubit to the field in the cavity. The problem is
Hello there, I have a problem in simulating the AMC surfaces exactly using cst. After modeling the intended surface, from a paper, in Periodic Structures, I choose Unit Cell B.C. in periodic directions and open(add space) B.C. in normal ones, and choose 2 Floquet modes, but the result don't match with those in that paper. Would you mind somebody h
Hi I am working on wakefield analysis in a Multi-Bunch Normal conducting FEL Structures. For this I used HFSS for modeling as I wanted to plot Dispersion Curves for all cells so I used master slave boundary condition. Since there is no specific tool in HFSS for wakefiled analysis so I imported the model in cst Wakefield solver. I have following
you can generate gerber in cst. modeling --> import/export -->export 2D files --> gerber (single layer).
Dear All, I need to simulate a transformer using cst EMS to eddy-current and thermal loss estimation, quite similar to the following application: I designed the transformer coil with copper wire and set simulation to run (I didn't use the coil definition fro
Hmm... I have never gotten said error before. However, I have always "evaluated fields on curves" in the click of a button under 2D/3D Plot tab without going through TBPP. Having said that, seems like the error indicates something to do with the pre-defined curve. Looks like you are using cst 2015, which is all good because I have that version t
hi, How can I draw hexagonal shape in cst software?
you have to select all parts in the navigation tree then choose in modeling tab export to sat but choose version between 18:20 it is near the name file. (because hfss work with version older then cst). or if you have the new version export to parasolid x_t. then you can import it in Hfss look for import under one of menu parts.
Hi, Who can give me some one-to-one PM support in using cst ?. I have a two frequency (900 - 1800MHz) antenna that I would like to model and optimize but I am new to cst.
Hello friends, I am working with EBG designs and need to find reflection phase diagram for the same in . I am using cst Studio Suite 2010 (MWS) for my simulations. The boundary condition is as following image:Xmin Xmax Ymin Ymax unit cell / Zmax Zmin open(add space) .Both are in frequency domain solver. The number of floquet modes is 2 (TM(
Hi, I wanted to evaluate heat/temperature distribution on a ceramic substrate, bearing some MW integrated circuits, structures, and DC lines. The temperature distribution due to DC and MW signals can be seen with a MW and thermal co-simulation and looks fine to me. The DC and MW signals pass through an IC. For the electrical model, this IC is rep
Hi, I've been modeling a Aluminum conductor with a pulsed current through it, due to the "pulsed" fact, I couldn't use the Stable current solver because it won't give the correct eddy current things. My model shown in the figure.97151 It is a horn shape thing. Current flows from the inner conductor to the outer con
A brief google search under "magnetron simulation" will give you a first idea which tools have been previously used for similar projects (e.g. cst). It also clarifies about the problem complexity, which might be over your head.
Hi, I need to simulate structure excited with a capacitor through long coaxial cable. From past experience modeling coaxial cable takes prohibitively long time. Can I substitute the cable with network of lumped components? If so how to derive such network? How to simulate capacitor discharge?
Hi I want to model a current sheet in the middle of an infinite slab with cst. But i don't know how to model current sheet in cst. Can anyone help me with this? thanks
Hi Mohamed, There are some tutorials for Microstrip antenna modeling on cst on youtube, check the below links: Let me know if that's what you're looking for. Good luck!!
Hi, Does anyone know if EMcos EM studio or Feko 6.1 has bi-directional capabilities for cable bundle simulation similar to what is available in cst cable studio? Which is easier to use for complex cable harness simulation in aircrafts? Many thanks. Element7k
Cylinder modeling in cst Microwave Studio 2012. 69556 69557 I want any cylinder with thin thickness. But the result is bad. It's a bug.
Hi, I'm new to the forums. My question is: I have this schematic, not a pcb design, that I need to look at its magnetic field. The design was done on Altium. And was wondering is it possible to import the spice model of this schematic into cst and generate a magnetic field simulation? If so, how? aik821
I think simulating a semi-infinite substrate that is different from the background (eg vacuum) is trivial since cst automatically recognizes what you want to do. Just set up a finite thickness of the substrate beneath your structure, eg going down to Zmin. In the x and y direction use the unit cell boundary conditions and in z direction use the ope
Hello all, I have been working with cst MWS for about a week now and I am simulating PCB structures, specifically microstrips, both single-ended and differential. I have a lot of experience with 3D modeling and EM solvers. Basically, I was hoping we could share our experiences on what are the ideal settings for the transient solver for ONLY thes
Hi, I'm using cst2009 Microwave Studio to simulate transmission line characteristic impedance. The scenario is to have a pair of copper wires that are a distance above the earth ground plate. Additionally, I'd like to see the characteristic impedance of a shielded twist pair (STP) with the shield connected to earth ground. Currently I'm using
I have an cst MICROWAVE 2008. Can it be placed two or more farfields sources? When I put one farfield source, it does not allow me to put another one. I am modeling GSM antena with farfield source, and watching distribution of the field in the zone.
Hello everybody, Im trying to model a rectangular waveguide at Xband using the FREQ solver. I put the background as PEC, a void of VAC and two ports. boundary are Et=0 in all directions After completion of the run the S12 and S21 parameters differ one from the other (i found a similar difference between S11 and S22). Can anyone help me se
Hello all, I am doing a thesis project on reflectarray antennas. I am modeling in cst 2009. I have a question concerning the setup. 1) Which solver do you use, i have created a model of a reflectarray with a PEC-backed substrate with a couple of patches on top and a horn exactly 1 F/D away. When using the T-solver, my results arn't looking goo
better would be to use an EM modeling sw. There are many like HFSS, IE3d, cst Studio etc. There are some codes in matlab also for MPAs
hello, i have designed a simple TEM cell and i don't know how to place the load and the source. For the moment, the septum is "in the air", in the middle of the cell, not touching any walls, no physical or electrical contact. What type of ports should I use for defining source and load and how? D. Added after 1 hour
I am trying to determine if it is necessary to model the balun set up when modeling an antenna.
Hi i am wondering is it possible in cst or HFSS to model 2 antennas with a certain distance between them and measure the S21 between them. if anyone has successfully model such setup. i would appreciate if they uplaod their model. any suggestions to create such model setup would be most welcome regards
In HFSS, you can set a surface roughness boundary on the walls of the cavity. You can either define the roughness, or define a conductivity. I am not sure about cst. Good Luck
hi well i presume that bio matter which u are modeling may have a very high permitivity so your wavelength must be very small as as cst meshing is based on wavelength so no of mesh cells needed to model your structures must so hight that your computer memory is not enough to store the processing data. solution : you may try to decrease the mes
If you use cst they have preloaded Eccosorb materials. u can use it directly. Else you can use the data sheet of the materials..
For radial symmetry, the substrate is just a PEC cylinder with another cylinder of dielectric wrapped around it. Draw the cross section of the patch with a curve (two arcs and two lines) then extrude the curve and translate as needed. Do the same for the feed line. All the dimensions should be parameterized. Make sure the cylinders and arcs h
It will be much easier to simulate the "lossy" dipole using a MoM based tool such as Zeland IE3D or EMSS Feko. The FIT in cst (or other FDTD tool) is not adept at modeling "lossy metal" and the thin object--think about how small the time step should be when the material is as "lossy" as you specified or when the cell size is very small in order to
i have the same problem............but atlast i have used cst mws 2008
Dear All experts, I am trying to modeling the scattering,absorption and extinction efficency using cst MWS 2006 software (in test only one plasmon particle, and in future aiming multiple particle). I am trying to use Postprocessing result template to get this,0D->Far field->3D total efficency. But strangely, the result is always 1. I test in bot
vba is very useful for modeling in HFSS and cst.but there is few talk on this topic.
Can anyone provide me a model of the metamaterial structure for cst - MWS . I have some difficults on port and boundary condition. The help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot.
Hi, As I am interested in mainly modeling diffractive/refractive structures or other similar optical devices, which package would be the easiest to learn/use and works well for optical device modeling? Thanks, ck1224
hi i am having problem in modeling human fat in cst MWS. the fat material given in cst material library is non-dispersive and has a constant permitivity value of 5. now we know in reality this permitivity is not constant but changes with frequency so i am wondering how could i model a dispersive material like fat in (...)
I would also like to know the user feedback about Particle studio of cst 2008 version. Thanks
i am facing problems in modeling suspended microstrip line over ebg structures for characterizing EBGs. i am using cst for this problem. when i use waveguide port for exciting the microstrip line cst gives me an error message about the port. can anyone suggest any solution to this problem. thanks
Dear All, I had a problem with scattering efficency modeling by cst software. Can u have a look and advice (sorry I post in another forum here before): Please click following link on my previous post. Thanks Rgds,
i am modeling a half wavelength dipole parallel to ground plane in cst . i want to see the effect on the performance of dipole with changing the height of the dipole above the ground plane. when i look at the farfield pattern it is showing the gain apprx 8db which i cant explain. the gain of dipole in free space is approx 2.14 dbi. so when we u
i am interested in finding the bandgap of ebg surface using cst. i am confused how to find the reflection phase diagram or dispersion diagram for the EBG surface. which solver should i use frequency domain . time domain or eigen mode solver? also whether to use waveguide port or plane wave guide excitation? can anyone post the example model o
hi mohamed,what is emds,i preffered use cst,it is more accurate and easy to use in simualtion and more fast than hfss
following the FD:HFSS; TD:MicroStripes(TLM) especial for large size problem.; MOM:sonnet/ADS/AWR./zeland some one tell me that the cst is not precision.
I do not know about cst, but it should not be a problem with HFSS, just when you are setting simulation, do not set the rise time for equivalent sircuit too small or reduce the number of steps per rise time, so you would not need to simulate at very high frequencies and use a lot of memory.
Hi noob just look at the materials library in cst there is absorbing materials from E&Cumming look at the catalog to see if it's meet your requirements PL