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Hi there, I'm assuming you are using cst MWS. You need to go to "open boundaries" settings and check that it is set to center frequency and monitors.
Hi All, I'm simulating a magnetostatic problem involving two magnets separated by a thin copper spacer. The total magnetic assembly is on the order of 10 mm cubed. The magnetization is in the same direction and I use open boundary conditions on all sides. The problem is that I find that the height of the magnetic field zero point (...)
I want to simulate a monopole antenna, provided with a ground plane. Can someone please explain what settings to be put in 'boundary conditions' and 'background material' in cst Microwave Studio.... considering I want it to simulate anechoic chamber surrounding.
i am simulating a structure with cst , my boundary conditions are all open add space . when i simulate my structure in frequancy range btw 2 to 6 gh i get totally different result than when i simulate the same structure in frequancy range 2-10 gh . so , what is wrong :?: :?: :-?
hi Do you know what is the optimum distance from air box in cst? what is the best answer for adding space to open boundary condition? when I use lambda/4 and lambda/2 in central frequency the answers are different. thanks
Hello, I designed the 38 GHz dielectric resonator filter using cst microwave studio. Now I have problem to set the boundary condition of dielectric resonator filter during simulation. How to the set boundary condition? is it to set Et=0 or open? As attached is the designed of 38 GHz (...)
Hi I designed a nanoantenna structure in cst and defined a plane wave for excitation and boundary condition is set to open add space. when I try to run FD solver for it, program gives an error about fd solver not working with open boundaries . is it common or I missed some settings somewhere ? cause I've (...)
i am interested in finding the reflection phase of ebg using cst.
hi, im trying to design a 900Mhz feed line rectangular patch antenna with partial ground plane using cst MWS,, i need help regarding how to model the boundary condition. What should i put as the Zmin?? is it 'Electric (Et=0)' ?? or 'open'? or 'open (add space)'? ps- currently im using Zmin= (...)
Hi, I have a problem. I am simulating a structure w/ a waveguide port. S11 parameter is linearly higher than 1 when I use open (add) space boundary condition. Physically not meaningful due to energy conservation. But, when I use open boundary conditions, this time I obtain an error (...)
Hi everyone, I have a problem. I am simulating a structure w/ a waveguide port. S11 parameter is linearly higher than 1 when I use open (add) space boundary condition. Physically not meaningful, energy conservation. But, when I use open BC, this time I obtain error as: " Inhomogeneous material at (...)
Hii Anyopne tell me what is the basic difference between open and open add space boundary conditions in cst Microwave Studio??? When i use open boundary condition then i m getting different result in comaprison to open add space (...)
Hi, I am a new user for the cst MWS 2008. I am trying to simulate the reflection magnitude on a semi-infinite glass or metal material illuminated by the EM wave from the free space. Which template should I use and how to define the semi-infinite boundary condition? For the material library in MWS, which model is used to model the (...)
Hi, everybody, I encount a problem in cst when I try to excite the grounded CPW. When I set the boundary condition of the port side to be PEC, the port field of CPW looks right. But when I set the boundary condition of port side to be open, then the port field distributuion of the CPW (...)
when i i want to simulate near field in MWS cst,i run the transient solver, it said ''The monitor 'e-field(f=10;z=10)'is outside simulation bounds and will be ignored.'' how can i change the simulation bounds?
hi the example of circular patch antenna in cst help is different in the sense that it has rectangular ground plane. while the person who posted this question has circular ground plane . so he cant use open boundary condition without introducing some additional space or using open (add) (...)
Actually cst requires symmetical boundary in all palne for calculating stable radiation pattern.
Dear all, I have a question about defining waveguide port for coax cable in cst. In the example of patch antenna in the cst manual, it needs to define the Zmin as electric wall, and then pick up the coax cable down face as waveguide port location. However, if I want to know the backward radiation of the antenna, so it is not suitable the
Hi all, I am simulating a p@tch antenna in cst MWS - 5. All the results are fine.However I am unable to see the back lobe levels. In the back side it is giving a zero field !! . I have included open + add space for zmin boundary condition.Any ideas as to how I can do the back lobe calculation ? Thanks for (...)