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hello friends i want to simulate 2 layer pcb and calculate s parameters. this 2 layer pcb have complex structure . in cst micro wave studio with frequency domain solver its have too long time for simulating and not appropriate . can any one help me to reduce thats needed time for simulation ? :cry::cry:
Dear All, i need to simulate a pcb in cst ,but i dont know whats appropriate boundary condition ! can anyone help me ?
Hi all, I am new in cst STUDIO SUITE. I created a model of our pcb in cst and done the simulation,but result is strange,showing a straight line. If any of the cst experts see this post,please reply. My doubt is regarding discrete port setting, for antenna excitation I used ground layer. Is it ok? Should (...)
hello everyone I have a circuit which is imported to cst pcb studio and I want to simulate higs speed line between the dac and connector but there is no ibis model for connector and dac ic. how can I simulate them correctly. Anyone know how to do this simulation please help me Thanks in advance
Hi I'm going to simulate and verify a first glance it seems that first step should be simulating with ADS and then drawing layout using Protel. But I'm wondering that opposite procedure wouldn't be better.? I mean if first draw layer then simulate and optimum with ads then all effect will be considered. I mean in practical point of vi
Hello, I have designed a SRR in cst microwave studio. Now I need to import the file to be printed on a pcb. Can anyone help me or tell me how I can export the file to cst pcb studio. Thank you
Dear all! I would like to simulate a 3G SDI pcb design. What tools (and books) can you recommend? (ADS, Hyperlynx, cst???) Can anyone provide me a simulation example or a tutorial dokument? best regards
You workflow with importing all active & passive devices into the EM simulator is NOT what these tools are designed for. You should contact cst support to discuss your simulation task.
I have designed a pcb for power led drivers and now i want to simulate the electromagnetic fields created around this pcb. I have dxf file and want to simulate it in cst MWS but I cannt't import this dxf file in cst. can anyone tell me how to import this file to cst and guide me about pcb (...)
Hi, I'm new to the forums. My question is: I have this schematic, not a pcb design, that I need to look at its magnetic field. The design was done on Altium. And was wondering is it possible to import the spice model of this schematic into cst and generate a magnetic field simulation? If so, how? aik821
Hi, I am new to cst as well as pcb milling. I tried exporting a antenna simulation from cst as a gerber file. ISOPRO does not register the aperture list for some reason. All it shows is D999 with 0 width. I also tried to view the gerber file using McCAD. Again McCAD shows an empty aperture table. Any ideas why this is (...)
Hi all, please is there anybody that knows where to find a detailed description of how design studio works? Using the embedded examples, in respect to other pcb capture/simulation software it appears to be very poor in component library and very cumbersome in placing\editing wires, not to speak for mixed dc/ac simulation as needed, for (...)
Hello to everyone ! I think this was the best suited forum for my post...if not, please let me know. I am trying to simulate the behaviour of a copper trace working as a heatsink, where an array of powerLEDs is soldered. In order to make simulations, i am using cst EM 2009 because of several reasons: ? it can import pcb info from (...)
Hi, There are many tools available such as HFSS, cst, WIPLD. HFSS and cst are easy for modelling structures. HFSS is widely used and is FEM based which you can try. Hope this helps -Ankesh
Hello, is there a proposed simulation software can support SI/PI and EMC simulation for pcb level ? and not very expensive, such as cst, HFSS.
Dear all, I have a BGA package with solder bumps on top and solder balls on bottom, which belong to power, ground, and signal nets. However, I would like to treat all of them as signals since I want to connect the S-parameter block in the circuit schematic with other models e.g. RDL, pcb. I did my simulation in cst-MWS. The question (...)
Dear Sirs, i am hardware designer and i'm having a problem with radiated emission from multilayer pcb. Can i use cst or Mentor tools for simulate and resolve this kind of EMC problem? In the past i used these software for microwave circuits design, but never for pcb with microcontroller on board. Regards
Hi, I am a newbie to cst and I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I am trying to simulate a printed inverted-F antenna on a FR-4 pcb. The bottom side of the pcb is a solid ground plane except for where the antenna is. The antenna is fed using a coax with a waveguide port. I have also drawn some ground patches on the top side (...)
Bibhu take a look here basically this pcb simulation is challenging, due to the extreme complexity of the boards and all (connectors, vias, etc). You got to get the board imported into cst MWS by means of a CAD format (Gerber, DXF, etc). Then assign the
Hi All, Can any one plz guide me how to conduct pcb EMI/EMC simulatyion using cst Microwave studio.I too need some basics o EMI/EMC of pcb simulation. Regards, Bibhu
pcb Controlled impedance design system Please vist for pcb layout tool, You can use protel,power pcb,pcad.....and more. For RF circuit simulation,use ansoft serenade,ADS,Sonnet,Genesys,MWO,cst...... Good luck wyl