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133561133562133563 cst- how look at the impedance of distance ? power voltage( 500V, 20A) source put into a long cooper bar then, other pcb plate sense a voltage level (according to distance 1mm~100mm) example ) when 500volt put into cooper bar, pcb plate sense 0.1V
hello friends i want to simulate 2 layer pcb and calculate s parameters. this 2 layer pcb have complex structure . in cst micro wave studio with frequency domain solver its have too long time for simulating and not appropriate . can any one help me to reduce thats needed time for simulation ? :cry::cry:
Hello everyone, i am trying to simulate in cst the radiated field from a microstrip which is placed on a pcb. By means of cst pcb Studio tool, I have selected a pcb net associated with a microstrip and exported it to cst MWS. In cst MWS I have now my microstrip with (...)
Dear All, i need to simulate a pcb in cst ,but i dont know whats appropriate boundary condition ! can anyone help me ?
Hi all, I am new in cst STUDIO SUITE. I created a model of our pcb in cst and done the simulation,but result is strange,showing a straight line. If any of the cst experts see this post,please reply. My doubt is regarding discrete port setting, for antenna excitation I used ground layer. Is it ok? Should use power layer? (...)
Hi everyone, I designed a coil of traces (meant to simulate wire) to span between top and bottom layer of pcb in cst MW studio. It looks perfect in cst and now I would like to export it to Gerber for fabrication. I align my 'local WCS' to the top layer and exported it (repeated for bottom layer) Unfortunately both layers do not include (...)
Hello Guys! I want to export my pcb design from cst to Altium designer. Anyone could suggest me a way how to do that details. I tried .Dwf file in my case nothing appears on board layer. same for .stp file. Your urgent responce is highly appreciated. Regards, Rizwan
hello everyone I have a circuit which is imported to cst pcb studio and I want to simulate higs speed line between the dac and connector but there is no ibis model for connector and dac ic. how can I simulate them correctly. Anyone know how to do this simulation please help me Thanks in advance
Hi I'm going to simulate and verify a first glance it seems that first step should be simulating with ADS and then drawing layout using Protel. But I'm wondering that opposite procedure wouldn't be better.? I mean if first draw layer then simulate and optimum with ads then all effect will be considered. I mean in practical point of vi
Hello everyone I design rf and high speed multilayer pcbs up to 12 layer....I want to simulate pcb with awr microwave office(axiem maybe) and cst pcb studio. I need high performance computer called workstation but I dont know how to define right processor(intel xeon or ???) right graphical card(quadro or tesla or (...)
Hello everyone I want to use cst pcb studio for power integrity and signal integrity but I could not find document, video for pcb studio Anyone who help me appreciate very much thanks in advance
Hello, I have designed a SRR in cst microwave studio. Now I need to import the file to be printed on a pcb. Can anyone help me or tell me how I can export the file to cst pcb studio. Thank you
Without having cst: Ground under the IFA sounds wrong ... there should be no ground below the IFA.
This may help someone having similar problem. I had gerber files generated in cst MWS (RF designs) but wanted to make a panel for fabrication using Altium Designer. Altium easily generates GBR from pcb document but panelizing all GBR's into one GBR is a little different from what is available in their website (
Hello guys, I am beginner, about simulate on cst MWS and EM topics. Well, let me explain. I have four models of microstrip antennas GSM dual band. I simulated each one with the same conditions, pcb size and thickness for copper and FR4 respectively, discret port (S-parameters) , Open space, and under ideal conditions. After that, I choice the b
In cst how to excite microstrip line in the middle of simulated volume? In cst Microwave Studio how to excite microstrip line in the middle of simulated volume? I use discrete port touching edge of microstrip line and ground plane on the other side of the pcb. Is this correct way to do it? How can I use Waveguide port instead?
I want to design a Via hole in cst to simulate a through hole in pcb which are used for in Microwave and RF for grounding and thermal relief . I have three layers 1) Top copper 2) FR4 3) Bottom copper How do I subtract a cylinder from these layers to make a through Hole.
Dear sir's please guide me how to extract the simulated antenna files from cst to fabricate antenna It must have all the data that needed to fabricate, including feed connector details , pcb layout details, dielectric details, dimensions etc... thank you
try the .stp or step format. looks like it's on the export list for altium and on the import list for cst.
hello when I export cst to dxf, it is totally fine. But the technician who made pcb board change dxf to eps, there gose a problem. Any ideas how to export dxf to eps? Do you recommend any software?