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What is your center frequency? How about fixing center frequency in your setup? I think that cst will use the center frequency for meshing. Therefore, if you change it, the result will change a little bit. For example, your frequency range is 100 - 300 MHz. The center frequency is 200MHz. So, just change the frequency range like 50 - 350 MHz, and s
Hallo, i am currently working on a macro for cst mws and i am in search of sample cst source data. For example i need a.fsm or .rsd file for source fields(near/far). i need these file to do a debug run of my macro. thanks in advance rahul
Hey there, I have several cst projects, each one using the same macro to build up for example a structure. The macro (the content from the main function) is then copied into the history list and run each time I hit "update" in the history list. When I change the macro I have to copy the new content to the history entry of each project. (...)
have you looked under cst example folder or under resultreaderdll?
Hi I am trying to simulate helical antenna. I know that there is an exmaple file in cst folder. so i want to modify it but have some problems. first, I want to change units cm to mm. there is no problem with it but when i simulate some error comes up. second, In the example file helix has only 6 turns. I want to increase number of
hi all,many here face problem of changing the oblique angle so i upload cst example file i hope help all enjoy
Hello, Can anybody pls upload the example(Tutorial folder) of Microwave Studio cst. I have a limited package and I can't run any demo or example due to unavialbility of example folder. Hoping that somebody will do this kind favour. Thanking in advance
You can very easily make your own simulations of BOWTIE using IE3D or cst-MWS software. Both discussed here. Regards, Eirp