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Hello, I am designing slotted waveguide Planar array in cst. For array design, i need design curves of slots characteristics. A longitudinal slot is in resonant condition when its admittance become purely real. I have simulated a slot with different lengths in cst and i am unable to (...)
Hello, i'm a new in design antennas, and having some problems in repeating experiments. I dont now how correctly feed double slot antenna. 129544. The arrow indicates the attachment detector. I calculated the two cases, and the first is right for me, but it does not work. But second is working, but i dont now, is it correct?
Hi, I am doing simulation in cst microwave studio on slot antenna with lump element, but when I wanna add a diode, I have got an error (the error saying "only RLC are allowed"). Please, could you help me how to solve this problem? I appreciate any suggestion....
Hi I'm a beginner using cst and I was wondering if anyone could help me to design a PIFA with U-shaped slots. I've taken an antennas course so I'm familiar with most of the terminology, but am not familiar with cst. I am able to create a PIFA fairly easily using an antenna design tool, but the U-shaped slot I am having (...)
I had made a double coaxial slot antenna at 915 MHz in cst microwave studio, the problem is with the feed as it is a cylindrical antenna the problem is with the feed. I had given it waveguide feed but the results are not coming to the cylinderical antenna feed and where should be the ground plane.there is a tip at the bottom of the
hello how can I do the excitation for conductor backed CPW??? which kind of port??? Hi there, I would recommend you to put required boundary conditions. As, parallel plate mode and slot mode are easily excited otherwise. I go for wave guide port size as explained by cst , you can see in cst help section b
hi all. i want to simulate this paper in cst. i create the model in solid works and import it in cst,but i did not know any about appropriate boundaries for this structure,and also i want to know which setting i must use to get the H-plane sum pattern ans E-plane sum pattern? thank you all
Dear friends, I am trying to design a u-slot aperture coupled patch antenna in millimeter-wave band (about 30 GHz) using cst and according to the picture attached. I have a few problems in the procedure: 1- I can not find "foam" in cst material library so I think I should make a new material myself. But the problem is that only the (...)
hello everyone, please ,I need your help how I can make a cut for the patch antenna in cst to see the movement of field lines in the substrate
Dear all, I am designing a simple slot antenna (just a rectangular cut in the ground plane) at 75GHz on a thick Si substrate . The slot has a length of 740um and a width of 22um as shown in next figure 107466 for a small ground plane (1500 x 1500 um), the radiation pattern is perfect. It resembles that of a dipole but
Hi.... i would like to make a slot with angle 45degree, but i do not know how to define it with angle 45degree. i try to do by using Transform-> rotate, but then i dont know how... also try using poligon, but then i need to carefully calculate each point of the object manually. is there any way so that i can define it easily? big thanks
Hai all, I have designed tapered slot antenna in cst. Now I need to generate the gerber file from cst fo fabrication. Please tell me the step by step procedure as soon as possible. Thank You
How we can give trapezoidal slot on patch using cst software please help ,i am beginner to cst.
I am trying to simulate a cross-slot nanoantenna. The relevant paper is attached. The design: 101769 The problem Im facing is how the authors were to able to excite the structure? They mention in the paper that " the structures are formed on SiO2 substrates with gold metal patch having no ground, and they are illum
Hi, While simulating antenna structures in cst using wave guide port there is a error message "Wave guide port 1 is too short, it must be homogeneous for at least 3 mesh cells" how to improve the mesh cells to resolve this problem..... I tried to create curve equation using macros for vivaldi antenna .but it is not working i am using spli
You can generate the curve's (x,y) points in MATLAB/Octave/Excel/... using the equation for a spiral antenna. Then import this curve into cst and then proceed from there.
i am new to antenna design as my PG going on i have to work on antenna design. Currently i am working for antenna design in cst MWS software, but i dont know how to create slot on a patch over a microstip antenna. plz somebody help me for slot design. I am thankful to them.
Hai all, Can anyone tell me how to draw linearly taper in cst microwave studio???
hai I need to design linearly tapered slot antenna in cst microwave studio 2012...Please tell me the steps for designing the antenna...suggest me whether it is possible to design this antenna in cst?
hi every body here, can any one here to help me how to start designing design Substrate integrated wave guide slot antenna using cst microwave, if any body has a tutorial, please forward it to me urgently