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Hi, Can anyone help me design a 4 port rectangular waveguide switch in cst microwave studio?There is no example given in the tutorial.I tried designing it,but the s-parameters are showing erroneous results.
Dear all I am design an antenna which is work in UWB frequency range.I want use this antenna for body.can any one tell me how Installing new material with frequency dependent properties.i use cst studio 2014.for example when i want to create phantom model which frequency considered? I need more help thanks
Dear all, When looking at the 2D/3D results of a particle tracking simulation in cst studio, is there a way to superimpose two different results (for example electric field vectors and particle trajectories) for a given "3D fields on a 2D plane" plot? Thanks in advance, Jason
I am new to cst simulation tool and I have cst 2014 licensed one. Can anyone help me in simulating unit cell of reflectarray using cst 2014. I need complete workflow from modelling to simulation. Can anyone help me in this? Thanks in advance.
I am looking for an example or a step by step tutorial for setting up a low-frequency analysis of a typical switch-mode ferrite material transformer. I am, in particular, interested to extract core and copper losses in the results. There are many examples of other types of problems with cst studio but after searching for (...)
Hey! I need help for EM studio. I try to explain it with an easy example. I want set in Low Frequency Domain solver a current Port on the one side of a cylinder and then show the voltage in this cylinder. How i can set the Voltage Monitor? I find anywere this Option with Low Frequency Domain Solver. I It would be very nice if someone ca
As far as I know you can't set a complex impedance in cst. Set the port to 50Ohm, read the impedance (for example from the smith chart) and do the math by yourself.
Hi Everyone, Could someone please help me with plotting the near field patterns in cst MWS, I know that farfield patterns can be achieved by using the field monitors but I am not sure if there is such a procedure for near field patterns. Bests
Hello every one... i m willing to learn uisng the cst studio software for EMC ..antennas..applications....can any one help to find good tutorials .... thnx
I had draw the amos-5 antenna by cst microwave studio following the paper . but when i simulate it doesnt work and show the error "The discrete port1 is inside perfect conducting material " How can i fix this problem? , THANK YOU ps. it is still mismatch. 98362
No problem in cst design studio.
Hello, cst has samples and tutorial and not only. You-tube as well, for instance enjoy
Hi, you can see the example of designing a folded dipole in example. It is in the driver that you install cst program. Program Files ==>cst studio SUITE ==>examples ==>MWS==>Transient ==>Antennas :-P
Hi, We are using cst MicroWave studio with different computers equipped of AMD and Intel CPUs. The performances are drastically differents with our architectures but we don't know why. Could you communicate your experiences of simulation time with your computer or server using cst MWS ? The better example would be (...)
Hello, How can i simulate the near field radiation pattern of an antenna in cst? I had try to search through the available field monitors that allow us to define, but seem like no near field monitor is provided. Thank you.
Hello everyone! I am new with cst and I have to use it to design an RFID tag for my project. The problem is that I have not been able to see a specific example for rfid tag design so it is really giving me a problem trying to understand the concept of RFID tag design using cst. can anyone provide me with a source for the (...)
Pleeeeease Help! I am new with cst nd I have to use it for my project to design an RFID tag. Can anyone tell me how to even start??? please
Greeting. I am using cst studio 2010. Currently I am designing a planar antenna for dual band GSM and single band WiFi. I am modifying a triband antenna from an example, whose S parameter value are very prefect, just the frequency values are not accurate. I wish to shift the frequency graph to my desired frequency domain which are (...)
Does anyone have an idea how to export the results (Touchstone file) of a parameter sweep using a script in cst Microwave studio I have the same problem with it! As I understand we should use: With TOUCHSTONE .Reset .FileName (".\example") .Impedance (50) .FrequencyRange ("Full")
Hi, Can any one upload example related with using cst EM studio to solve thermal problem? Say, the final temperature due to some microwave heating. Thanks