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Hi, Can anyone help me design a 4 port rectangular waveguide switch in cst microwave studio?There is no example given in the tutorial.I tried designing it,but the s-parameters are showing erroneous results.
I don't think that anybody would be able to teach you by messages. Meanwhile you can check this series of tutorial videos that i used to learn modelling and simulation of antennas using cst microwave studio. link:
I am looking for an example or a step by step tutorial for setting up a low-frequency analysis of a typical switch-mode ferrite material transformer. I am, in particular, interested to extract core and copper losses in the results. There are many examples of other types of problems with cst studio but after searching for days on Google (...)
It's easy: and in the path /examples, you'll find a lot of examples.
Hello, cst has samples and tutorial and not only. You-tube as well, for instance enjoy
its easy in cst microwave studio...
hii all !!!! i need complete tutorial for calculating s11 of a aluminum plate in cst microwave studio.need urgent thanks in advance.
Hi Everyone, I would like to know does it possible to design coil inductor on cst MW studio. If so can you guy give me some tutorial. I am new to the cst MW studio. Thanks
Dear all, I am trying to design a microstrip antenna using metamaterials. The problem is S-parameter found in the simulation does not go below -10db even after using only air,FR4 insted of metamaterial as substrates. I simulated the same thing at HFSS which give S-parameter below -10db. The expected result of S-parameter always match with HFSS res
hi all i want to learn basic concepts for hfss design and is meant by each step in designing this tutorial so that i can design a microstrip patch antenna can u give me a good tutorial of cst microwave studio with lot of examples of design of patch antenna regards kartik Do you want tutorials on HFSS or (...)
My first post in a forum ever haha I started using cst Microwave studio by following the tutorials given with the documentation. Whenever I try to use the Frequency Domain Solver I get the following error message: "An unsuccessful termination of the port mode solver has been detected. Do you want to start again with an alternative port (...)
I am currently working in the field of Metamaterial . please help me to learn cst studio for my work. yours sincerely sandeep
hi can anyone help me by giving some tutorial video on metamaterial design on cst MWS? there are some option of using unit cell boudary, peridic boundary or PEC and PMC boundary . ican not decide which one i should use. also the transient solver do not support the peridic boundary. it will also be help ful if someone post some design files of m
Hi, Can anyone give me tutorial/manual file of Microwave studio of cst?
Hai anybody has carried out Particle-in-cell simulation using cst Particle studio? Any tutorial is available for PIC using cst Particle studio?
Hi! I need to calculate the radar cross section of a conical structure 30 m tall with bottom radius 2.4 m and top radius 1.4 m covered by just pec and with Radar Absorbing Material. I read on a rcs tutorial (see image) for cst microwawe studio that it should be easy, but i don't know how to do it. Can someone please help me? I have (...)
which is faster cst microwave studio or microstrips?
Hi, or you can use showroom: or for antenna try attachment
there are help files in cst which helps u through desining..lots of examplesa are there
Does anyone have cst studio Suite 2006 tutorial? I need it. Please share it here or send me to freqzt(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you very much. regards, freqzt
Hi, You will find a very nice tutorial in the directory cst microwave studio 5\documentation i.e. in a subdirectory called documentation in microwave studio main directory
Hello, Can anybody pls upload the Example(tutorial folder) of Microwave studio cst. I have a limited package and I can't run any demo or example due to unavialbility of Example folder. Hoping that somebody will do this kind favour. Thanking in advance It has 140MB so it is not possible to upload to forum. rgz
Hi All, I am now playing with hfss 9. It is interface has been greatly improved but what I find is that it is very similar to that of cst microwave studio. I wonder if anyone have tutorial materials on hfss9? Also, it seems that the nice feature of macro language has been removed. Is it really the case? or my install is not correct. (...)