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Hello, this is my first post. I have a simulation of an antenna with several farfield at different frequencies. I have to export all this farfilelds clicking on each one and wait to finish the calculation to be able to export. The problem is that each calculation takes a lot time and I have to check when the calculation is finish in (...)
Hello, Is there an automated or easy way to port archived cst designs over to HFSS? I know this can be done individually - one design at a time - from cst export ->HFSS Import thank you
You have to write your own VBA script. There is details on how to do that in the program files. (C:/Program Files / cst / Online Help -> Vba). It gives you all you need to control cst. Get it working for timesample->1 then turn it into a for loop.
I have defined field monitors in many different surfaces, then I want to export this results. If using file->export->plot data(ASCII), it will take too much time,how to use macro to export all results ? I need Ez,Hx and Hy values both real and imaginery parts.
Has anybody experience with a link from cst Microwave Studio 5 to Matlab?? I try to automatically run the simulation and export results from cst. By this time I can open file, change variables, run simulation and export results in Touchstone file cst = (...)
I have question here. how to export the data OF the relation about field and time, after simulation with thansient solver in cst? Only I can get is the relation about fields and position.
Hi all friend, Due to i have the dielectric fill in the rectangular WG simulation and have query to prove that the simulation is true by export data and manual plot.I have many query as below? 1. How to know E-field incident of the waveguide ? 2. I have run on Transient solve Is it have the time involve in the wave equeation ?? Thank
Hello everyone, I am trying to import cst microwave studio time simulations results to MATLAB, the ascii export works but is very tedious and cannot be used for 3d field results. Is there a method to import cst Microwave Studio field results files (.t3d) to MATLAB directly Best regards, Adel