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As far as I recall the default settings for the SIM900 is full Modem control (RTS/cts) signals besides the usual RX/TX. The MSP430 doesnt support full Modem controls, so you need to emulate them with GPIO. The RX & TX pins operate from 0V to 2.8V, whereas you've indicated that you're powering the MSP430 at 3.3V, so a level shifter might be need
Guys How can we build seperate clock Tree for flops n memories?do we have to specify any statements in clockTreeSpecification file? One more doubt is what is macromodels in clocktreespecification file n How it is useful?
What are the effects we will see if the SKEW is not balanced?
What is useful Skew with respect to cts?.
What is the difference between skew and useful skew?
we can opt timing use useful skew after cts,and at that time,the clock tree fixed,and the useful skew is based on the fixed clock tree I right? If I'm right,I am wanding when doing cts,can I tell the SOC-encounter that I will use the skew latter,then the software will not fix some skew that will use later?
hi, guys! is low skew cts common choice or not?
Hi As far as I know, there will be no pre cts useful skew.. AS the clock is considered as ideal in pre cts stage. Post cts useful skew helps in meeting the timing for critical paths.. If you have a critical path violating timing by 1ns in a 10ns clock and the next flop is meeting the timing by 8ns (...)
yes, usful skew is obey normal rule of cts, which should be only used in special condition such as setup time can't be meet by all normal IPO such as buf and resize. So use the usful skew option in cts carefully.
shankarmit gives a description from on side. And I think it maybe another cts types: global skew synthesis, local skew synthesis and useful skew synthesis. Global skew : consider the skew between all registers Local skew: only consider the skew between registers which has timing relation. Obviously this type is more reasonable. Usful skew
It is true that clock skew is not always harmful. Actually, it is sometimes useful. And the cts engine in Astro does support useful clock skew. While the buffers are essential to achieve a desirable clock skews, the buffers on the root of the clock tree is not useful. However, tools often make these stupid buffer (...)