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Hello curgan?I read one of your response posted stating that you have got an e-book on CCS C. email address is: , could you please email it to me also.I'm a beginner to pic especially c programming. Cheers mate. kel
Hello curgan, I would also like to take a look at your code. If possible, please send it to Thank you.
Hi all, i am looking for a fieldbus monitor to observe the P/R/O/F/I/B/U/S. It does no matter, what pc-card is needed. I only want to take a look on the softwares. All information are welcome. Thanks in advance curgan :smile:
Sorry for double posting!! curgan :roll:
Hi all, i ve to design a PCMCIA card adapter for ISA bus interface. I know there is a chip like VADEM VG-469 for controlling the signals. Has anyone a schematic or an application or experience with this chip, so i can win time for development. Thanks a lot and bye curgan
Hi folks, could anyone tell me how i should dimension my bypass and couple capacitors?? Is there any good stuff in the net, where I can read about it?? Thx curgan