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I'm looking to boost a voltage of 3.6V to 9.5V with a maximum current out of 0 to 0.5A for battery powered device. Would like to fine an already built unit if anyone knows of one. Or a working circuit schematic that someone done or knows of a circuit I can use I done a search on Google. But? Wasn't able to fine what I needed. Maybe (...)
Hello I am using Altium designer to simulate a current booster circuit but the program is too slow and even if I make the step bigger still slow the program make the Pc don't respond at all until it finish the simulation any hint or advice is appreciated thanks in advance
That's plain wierd! You have a current limited input rated at 3A max which wastes a lot of current in R5, a voltage booster using a microprocessor that needs an additional supply from somewhere, a 1 Amp / 4V regulator to power an op-amp that consumes 40uA and a 24V shunt regulator which will fry itself if it gets the chance. Add to that (...)
Hi. I've been messing around with class AB output stages and their biasing. The first schematic I looked at was this thought it was a great way to bias a class AB stage, but when looking at the output current of the op-amp (which I use as a input stage) as well as the o
Better define needed voltage and current consumption, this should be guidance. Try to use Li-Po/Li-Ion and if you need use Voltage booster circuit to get 5V. Best regards, Peter
To get no voltage errors, you'll want to use a feedback amplifier with the current booster inside the feedback loop. Or a power OP with sufficient output current.
3.7V output... Are you by any chance looking for a way to light a bright white LED, using a single cell? There's an interesting circuit which has become popular under the name 'Joule Thief.' It will take juice from a weak battery and convert it to sufficient voltage/current to light a bright white led. It involves wrapping a tiny ferrite bead
Your great problem is the charge of the circuit? what is it?? 1 Ohm?? 10 thousand Ohm? depending on this, your desired current may vary greatly. One great booster is the DC-DC chopper booster using a Bridge of MOSFETs alternating them with PWMs, and then using a transformer for amplification, and finally using a rectifier (...)
Hi friends, I have a relatively high impedance energy source of about 10~12V,4mA which amounts to about 40mW. Can anyone suggest me a high efficiency power supply circuit ( preferably greater than 80%) which can boost the output current to 10mA at the expense of the output voltage reducing to a minimum of 3V preferably regulated. Input power = 7
Hi, i think what you have here is one ic regulator with one transistor current booster circuit. However, the value of your ic is not given. I suggest you deside on what is should be, like say, LM317 and use 'Isis Proteus' to simulate your scematics. Cheers.
A darlinton transistor would have alot of current on the output How can i make a tube have alot of current on the output instead of alot of voltage? Mostly tubes preamps boost the voltage from input to output A transisstor boosts the current from input and out But how can i make a tube circuit preamp boost (...)
a 400 ohms relay can not be driven by water resistance.waterresistance is above several kilo ohms. so you need to make a circuit like current booster, level sensor or buy a ready-made a controller called "sivi seviye rolesi"....
I need a circuit which can boost voltage and current from a low voltage and maintain it without fluctuations..could someone please help :)
Again, as in current booster1, the vale of the resistor is wrong .. it should be somewhere between 3-10Ω .. In this case current is limited by additional transistor, the 2N6049. It happens when the voltage accross Rsc riches ≈0.65V and this tranistor starts to control Vbe of the power PNP transistor .. Iout≈0.65/Rsc The (...)
VVV: The regulator is working fine, without the current booster. The problem is, when I connect the current booster the BUT56A became short-circuited between Collector to emitter. Why you say that the BUT56A is not for this kind of application. I need to replace the tip30c for another transistor that can (...)
Jetset The Tip30c and Tip152 form a current booster, in order to permit that the regulator can deliver more than 0.700mA. thanks