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The load impedance is 20Kohms (10K+10K to 7.5V) and this may be too low for your bias current, with that bare current source/sink mirror output. Test this possibility by vcvs-buffering the output node before the feedback is taken.
It depends on the loudspeaker and how much power you want. Some NE555 manufacturers specify as much as 200mA sink/source current which is enough to drive a medium to high impedance loudspeaker directly. The mass of the loudspeaker cone will be enough to average the PWM back to an analog level. For higher power all you need (...)
Hi, Thanks, "Do I just replace the constant current source circuit (which I constructed from NMOS current mirror).. with a p-channel current mirror?" had me wondering, looking at the actual schematic...
Another drawback is that unless you can find an opto-coupler with fast switching characteristics and high current source and sink capability, it will not be able to provide enough gate current to ensure rapid turn on and off of the MOSFETS. The relatively high gate (...)
I have a source current Iref, how can I get a matched sink current Iref from it? The famous change pump using a op-amp to bias the other side of the current source to make pmos and nmos current to be matched, however it needs an extra op-amp. Is there (...)
the best way is to read the max current ratings and use the recommended rating instead. Some are asymmetrical with more sink current, meanwhile some LEDs are ultrabright at 2~3mA
N-devices are useful when your signal is referenced to 0V ground. P-devices are useful when your signal is referenced to the positive supply. P-devices are useful when you want the load (or output) to be referenced to 0V ground. Sometimes it is convenient to transition from an Nmos to a Pmos (or vice versa) from one stage to the next stage.
High impedance doesn't mean the drain can't carry significant current, it means that, in the saturation (active) region the current does not vary much with a change in drain voltage. In that region the current is largely determined by the gate-source voltage. In other words the drain tends to look like a (...)
Any Circuit diagram to measure direction of AC current using PIC microcontroller (18Family) ? i.e, If direction of current changes the output of circuit should be changed from (high to low) OR (low to high) Thanks
The datasheet of most Mosfets shows it conducting a high current when Vgs is high and conducting a low current when Vgs is low. But each Mosfet is a little different and the resistance between drain and source is affected by the temperature and by the Vds. It becomes a (...)
On page 5 of its datasheet it says the min load resistance from VIOUT to ground is 4700R. It also says the maximum load capacitance is 10nF. Does this mean we have to connect at least 4700 (or lower value) from VIOUT to ground? It's a min. value, means 4700Ω or higher value. Also,
Hi all. I am currently working on a project which involves an mp3 module and i would like to get an led to react (in light intensity level) to the amplitude of the signal it generates. i am using a transistor to drive the led with the base connected to one of the mp3 modules speaker outputs which is amplified(enough to power a 5w speaker).the emitt
Hi all, if we have a current mirror to generate a current source signal or sink signal, with repetitive rate frequency, such as sine wave, are we able to apply some low pass filtering circuit directly to this current, and generate a close to DC level current? Thank you!
do you want the MOSFET to act as a switch or a current limiting device( in your diagram)?
Hello All, what is the difference between these two conditions: 1. the bulk and source of a nmos is connected together and both are grounded (assume a current sink nmos) 2. the bulk and source of a nmos is connected together and both are at some (...)
Hi guys, I have a differential current output from one stage of a design and I want to convert it into a single ended voltage output. I need a very good CMRR which I lose out on due to conversion into single ended output. Is there any way to maximize CMRR and get a single ended output as well? I do not want to introduce (...)
Hi I have few questions a. is sink current is associated with inputs alone or it is associated with output also. b. similarly is source current associated with output alone or it is associated with inputs also. c. sink and source are defined with respect to an ic or a (...)
What are some good troubleshooting techniques on how to test circuit leakages, stage leakages and component leakages. Leakage current upsets bias circuits and upsets the next following stage bias. Mostly from what I read is how to measure leakage current is to insert a current meter in series (...)
What is the typical current that can be sourced from the output of a gate of CD40xx series (especially CD4093). Can we source higher current from 74xx series gates? For future reference, what should one look in a Datasheet to find this detail?
Hi, I am trying to use a TP4056 based CC-CV Li battery charger (along with battery) to make a lamp that automatically switches between AC and Battery. I choose the TP4056 CC/CV charger because its small, gives upto 850mA of current and seems to be fairly reliable one. The LEDs that I will use will be 0.5W ones which don't need (...)

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