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The fingering of a large transistor like in generating current source using mirroring is useful , as u can very finely control the current. Also when the latch up rules are as low as 6u then we need to break the big transistors in to small parts. But mostly is done for matching as in case of large input diffrential pair (...)
Kindly find this layout guidelines you can take some of them according to your case 1. CP matching the current mirrors 2.Filter Common centroid layout for the Capacitors & resistors Use Resistors Dummies 3.VCO Keep it away from any nose source like Dividers and clock trees matching (...)
make your input differential pair with big w/l, pay attention to the match of the current mirror, and you also need to reduce the system offset.
Why the bias part consume so much current? and the bias circuit like that cann't supply good current source. Of course the MN1's Length should better same as MN0 and MN5.
Try to get a look on "the art of analog layout" by Hastings..that was uploaded on the site some time ago. That book and another one by Dan Klein explain some basics about matching. In general for current sources(if you have the main source and a replica) should be good enough doing something like ABBA (...)