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Hello ,the structure is a sinuos curve that i managed to do by input of x,y table . The problem in that method that is i cant do a sweep of the structure parameters. The only way that i see is by this option of the photo presented bellow ,where formula input,but it accepts only Cartesian formula, where as my formula is polar. tau=1.35 r
Hi, Guys I have a problem when designing a vivaldi antenna that operates from 1 GHz to 28 GHz in cst. I have red many posts about the vivaldi on edaboard. I don't know how to draw expontial curve of vivaldi antenna in cst. If anyone have a solution please don't hesitate to give me, or if anyone could send to me the design from (...)
hello, I have to draw a vivaldi curve. the equation is given as 0.125*exp(0.24*Lv). could you please help me to draw it in cst. Thank you:|:|:|
Dear all, I have notice that when I represent the radiation pattern sometimes I get a green curve which is not mentioned in the legend of the plot. Can anyone tell me what does it really stand for? I have attached an example which clarifies more the question thanks! 126751
Can any one help with the cst model to simulate the unit cell using waveguide to come up with the phase curve (S - curve (Phase Vs Patch length)). Kindly send me the cst 2014 model for the same with the procedure.
Dear Members; Can someone please suggest me ideas on how to draw an ellipse in cst MWS. Using Geometric shapes or curve lines with formulas?? Awaiting replies, Regards
Hi, You can define a curve in your model prior to running the simulation. Then, click on your E-field folder and under the 2D/3D Plot tab you can choose an option "Evaluate Fields on curve". See if that is what you are after :)
for creating triangle, use curve/polygon. then go to "curve tools/extrude curve" to make it a 3D object. after that, by a common subtract option you are able to cut a triangle out of square.
To create a spiral in cst try the analytical curve function. Set x: R*cos(t)+t*cos(t) y: R*sin(t)+t*sin(t) z: 0 or t (if you want it to be a helix) Then set t to go from 0 to x*2*pi, where x is the number of times it will spiral around. Hope this helps!
I excite a fiber by circular waveguide with vertical S11 is vary good and I can monitor E-field along the fiber in arbitrary face in time interval.but this field in curve line per time is null. I need your help sincerely.
Referencing previous thread: if u knw how to plot axial ratio vs frequency curve in cst plzz tell me. i am working on circularly polarized antenna bt unable to find the graph between axial ratio and frequency in cst 2010. can u plz help me???????
What do you mean with energy curves? I posted already about the energy curves: The energy view express the field energy in the system.
Hi all, I have a big issue here with a curve I measured field phases along a line and I think you could give me a hand with this. I used a parabolical curve to measure the phases of an incoming electromagnetic wave along it, because I want to study how it arrives in a parabolic lens. But here it comes that the postprocessing plots the desired ph
More precisely, what I am intending to do is: Given a parabolic curve, create a parabolical-cilinder-thing, kind of a cube with a parabolical hollow in one face, but not 3D so you can see the parabolic curve from above and below. I am afraid I didn't explain myself properly, but anyway, some help please? I am dealing with extrude properties but
Hello all, I have one problem with designing log-spriral antenna. I used cst MWS 2012. I created analytical curve with these parameter: ' body Sub Main () '@ define curve analytical: curve1:rameno With Analyticalcurve .Reset "rameno" .curve (...)
Vary the distance using sweep. Beyond a distance the curve will not vary and you can decide from it. Experts suggest to have min distance of lamda/4.
Hi, i am trying to design the vivaldi antenna for rcs construct exponential curve i tried 2D curve options in cst...but it is not to make a curve in cst..I am using spline to construct it. but it is not working ..... somebody pl help me out... thanks...
Hello everybody; I want to design a zigzag-shaped Archimedean spiral antenna with cst (2011), I know how to design the normal one by the mean of "analytical curve or face", but I don't know how to change the shape of its arms to zigzag, rectangular or even triangular shape... I want also to taper the outermost arms in order to reduce current r
You can generate the curve's (x,y) points in MATLAB/Octave/Excel/... using the equation for a spiral antenna. Then import this curve into cst and then proceed from there.
Hi,i need help with cst microwave studio. I want to know how we can plot a resonant curve of a nanoantenna (for examplenanoraod) in cst?