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The discrete cosine transform (DCT) is apparently a "cut down" version of the discrete fourier transform (DFT). In the DCT, the "imaginary" part of the frequency spectrum is thrown away. I want to know why this is not a problem since DCT is used in image compression to basically get the frequency spectrum of the image. What can DFT do which DCT
Hi all, I got some violations in Encounter after finished nanoroute. The violations in browser are the type of mincut. How can I resolve them? Please give me some help.
the statement is not common .... probably : if you cut the circuit from the board it's 100% shore that the analog front and is protected against leakage currents :laugh: (of course because nothing will pass to the board ). Now seriously : generally you can protect analog front ends by adding series current limiting rezistors & zenner diodes to cut
Does anyone know of any PCB bare board cutaway view builders? I would like to create a powerpoint presentation when ever we get new tecnnology or I need to give build training to my designers. Preferably a tool that has a previously created library of cutaway views of features (microvias, PTH,NPTH holes, pads, pad stacks, (...)
Only crimp the flat cable wires that you need into a 38-way IDC connector and cut the rest of the conductors away.
Hello, how is iht possible to make a hole in a Multilayer designe in CST MWS. For that i inserted a Cylinder in die Multilayer, but than when i Check the Intersection and want to cut it away, it is onyl possible to do that one time. So for all Layers in Multilayer i have to build an Cylinder. Thats very stupid, because it even not possible to co
Is the plastic/rubber piece too wide to fit the recess? Or, are the electrical terminals too far apart? It will probably be difficult to find another cord with the exact right size you need. More than once I have filed away (cut, scraped, etc.) plastic in order to get a connector to fit. Whatever you do, do not hold the thing in your hand whi
Practical matching do work, question is if it is working as intended. A easy check is to measure with VNA when the stub is cut away, and if you then get same parameters as your simulation was based upon. Guess that these results will differ also. It is easier to succeed with making a matching network practically if it is based on practically done m
Look up 'window comparator circuit' on google.If battery is about to being dead soon, the voltage will cut when it reach the mimnimum predefined level. When that happens, the voltage will rise because the load is taken away. That way, it will turn on and off many times before the battery is too dead. A better solution is to
Option 1: You can mill or gring the metal away instea dof etching it. Option 2: Take 1 sheet of fiberglass without and 2 sheets of metal. cut them into correct dimensions and bond them together with epoxy.
Can you give more details. It may be possible to use shunt LC networks and if you can cut traces you can put LC networks in series.
A PCB plane is just what the name suggests, it is a layer of continuous copper. Planes can be internal layers, or the top and bottom layers of a PCB can be planes. Planes can be cut into sections called "split planes" by drawing void lines on the plane with the PCB editor. When the board is made, the void areas are etched away leaving the plane
I have used a "Goscut" nibbler before, although it only nibbles away 1/2" at a time it managed to cut boards OK, sanding them down afterwards. You can also use a small bandsaw, a tile cutting saw etc.