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Dear All I have attached a Block diagram of cypress to Pic controllers having 10 GPIO and 1 UART connections. Now i am confusing between the Connections. cypress is having High sink current capability at the gpios. same gpio status going to Pic controller to check the status of the Capsense and accordingly pic will take actions. I dont
these days we tend to use FRAM such as i2c interface - it also has an RTC
Look at cypress semiconductors PSoC controllers. It has some useful features. You can configure any pin to any port or any function just like a FPGA. example you can configure any pin to a analog pin, UART pin, i2c pin, USB, etc...., It has build in & configurable ADC/DAC. You don't need external OPAMP because it has buid in digital gain controled
Hai.. I have some suggestions. If it is useful you can go ahead. otherwise you can skip it. 1. Just like FvM said, you can use bit banging method. 2. you can connect the i2c bridge between Battery and charger --> Explanation as follows At present, the i2c bridge is enabled during the time of cypress controller tries to take over the (...)
If you don't have a parallel interface for ram, I would use SPI attached memory. An example is the CY14B101P-SFXI, a 1 mbit sram part from cypress. You can attach multiples of these on the same bus, or use some bigger parts. Assuming you are using SPI for your SD card, these could hang off of the same bus. You could also use i2c attached me
Hi, The PSoC1 core was M8C whereas PSoC3 has an 8051 core and hence the programming codes and instructions as well as registers will be different. cypress has some very good example projects in PSoC3 with ADC and i2c published in their website. You can use them as a reference and start building your project. Regards, Anitha
You need a USB master or host .take a look at cypress .they make USB hosts.
Salam, After submiting the start condition and the 7-bit address and the R/W bit i have to submit the address of the register needed to use is that address 8-bit 0r 16-bit? and if it is 16-bit is the highest byte sent first or the lowest? If anyone have the complete protocol please share and please i whant a specific answers for my questions.
Im using EZ-USB chip. You can download the code over driver or over an i2c memory. The hardware is simply to develop and for develop the software you can download EZ-USB devTools free in the cypress url. In this pakect you can find Visual Basic examples for manage the USB devices such as AN2131. Regards.