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the small cypress usb programmer should work, and it's $10 ?
Try and have a look at cypress psoc-5. This is a programmable system on chip Although it is an excellent recommendation, I'm not sure if it would be able to handle this case in particular on which the communication protocol is rather complex, comprising different communication layers. Although the psoc-5 is an extraordinary concep
1. I can suggest you to use an OPAMP with very low input offset voltage (also known as Chopper or auto zero or zero drift. the name varies with manufacturer but the functions are same). Non of the OPAMP which is embedded into the microcontroller will suitable to interface your sensor (except cypress psoc controller wich is very much expensive compa
If your programmable logic is not too big, you can take a look on the psoc4 MCU from cypress.
[ psoc Creator [ FreeRTOS [ psoc 5 CY8C5868AXI-LP035 Hi there, I am facing weird problem with my Application on psoc 5 based hardware. This application is based on FreeRT
1. function name is RTC_SetAlarmDateAndTime 2. it takes one parameter(sometimes called an argument) a pointer to a structure of type RTC_date_time 3. the function result is void, i.e. it returns no function result for an example of use see post #11 of
You could consider to use the cypress psoc microcontroller family. There you can build a lot of digital blocks.
psoc 4 kit is a direct usb plug into your computer the programmer in included see here : - - Updated - - - you also have
I am using the cypress SDK psoc5 board. I chose the MAX11040K 24 bit ADC for my input. The MAX11040K has 4 differential channels. I only need to use three. The interface uses the 4 wire SPI bus. I am trying to develop the code to read the MAX11040K. I am for "a lack of words" stumbling over my code. Has anyone written or can guide me to reading 24
Another option is to use psoc 8-bits family 8051 based cores from cypress. I already built up to 3 UARTs in a single chip, but once you want just a Receiver, certainly will be possible with avaliable digital blocks. +++
Look at cypress semiconductors psoc controllers. It has some useful features. You can configure any pin to any port or any function just like a FPGA. example you can configure any pin to a analog pin, UART pin, I2C pin, USB, etc...., It has build in & configurable ADC/DAC. You don't need external OPAMP because it has buid in digital gain controled
Hello Guys, anyone has experience on developing code for PWM on psoc 1 ? thanks
Guys, I'm using UART for reading RFID card on cypress psoc, and I want to read a character received on Rx buffer, anyone has experience with it ? Any ideas will be appreciated, I can read some characters already but not yet a valid character, thanks Code : //Search card begin, return 0x01 if card is present do {
Guys, Does anyone of you have experience with RFID and psoc 1 ? I tried to give command to RFID reader, but not sure if I got the right answer ? Please see on "c variable" below : UART_1_PutChar(0x01); Delay10msTimes(50); c = UART_1_cGetChar(); if (c == 0x01) { LCD_clr_line(0); LCD_clr_line(1); L
Hi All, All these days I was using Atmel 8051 family controllers with assmbly language. Nut now I want to migrate to NXP-Cortex and cypress psoc microcontrollers. But I am not familiar with C/C++ language. Could anyone guide me in getting a quick knowledge in C. Thanks Pat Hi Pat, learning C/C++ is on
hey friends,,,,,,,i m a final year student of ECE..working on psoc 5 cypress starter kit.....i m in search of 1 semester small project based on psoc 5.....any sujjetion please...
AN75320 - Getting Started with psoc? 1 The cypress psoc 1 (Programmable System-on-Chip) integrates a microcontroller with programmable analog and digital peripherals. Use the AN75320 application note to get started on the capabilities of psoc 1 devices and the psoc Designer development environment used to (...)
Hi, I thought this might interest some posters here. It's late but not too late to enter the competition for top contributors on the cypress forum development kits in question are full featured CY8CKIT-050 and even some CY8CKIT-001. You can check them out here:
Have you downloaded cypress Semiconductor That has the complete project file and so I assume the interconnections. Keith. ---------- Post added at 18:24 ---------- Previous post was at 18:23 ---------- PS. It is also shown in the application note.
Your software is out of date, but that shouldn't significantly affect things. I am not clear what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you could draw a diagram of the connections you want and what you expect to get out of it. As I mentioned earlier, the output of a PWM is a fixed frequency. If you combine two PWMs and use that as the clock for an