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What is the required O/P of ur circuit? is this a stand alone temperature sensor or this amplifier is to be interfaced to a uC chip? Some uC families (like PSoC from implements a really reliable building blocks suitable for this type of interfacing.
Hi, Check out: You can find all the information you need about those u-controllers. On the right side of the page, you have links to "3rd Party Tools" and "$398 Basic Development Kit" (does not have your device listed) and the "Device Programmers". So, I think that is a good start to look for info
You can find good solutions using pSoc micro from cypressmicro, check around application notes on cypressmicro website bye Stark
Please visit to and download their Magnetic card reference design. If have problems, I will ask them to send it directly.
There is no problems with DTMF decoding on 1-2 MIPS micro. Please look on my app note AN2107 from Cypress Micro ( ) and you can easily to port on own CPU in hours. I test this for many weeks, so it works fine
try to see cypressmicro application note you can find good solution with pSoc devices Stark
The improved PSoC architecture will be introduces soon: Improvements include: 1. New analog and digital blocks 2. Improved routing scheme 3. New user modules Please visit to soon for following information and please check application notes list, there are some interesting stuff.
Please visit -> CircuitCellar App Notes Here is Range Finder with 2 passive components only!
I have asked a cypressmicro engineer about the schematic file of PSoC ICE. But he told me it is confidential.
They provide "Free" training resources for customers, technical sales and applications support partners.