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It depends on the application. Gm ota's are widely used in low power filters while opamps has much wider spectrum. About dac reference. The good point to start are two books: Rudy van der Plasche "CMOS integrated dacs and ADCs 2nd ed." and Franco Maloberti "Data Converters"
In the code I see that TC72 CS pin and Serial_LCD_CLK pins uses the same RA5 pin. In PIC12F you don't have sufficient pins to interface Serial LCD, TC72 and dac. You have to use a PIC with sufficient pins. In the dac code link it uses hardware SPI. So, only CS pin is defined. THE SDO, SDI and CLK pins of dac will be connected to SDI, SDO (...)
Hi, you are talking about analog voltage? then usually OPamp is faster, and it has a verly low latency time. Microcontroller: What input? ADC? What output? dac? then you have: sampling time, conversion time, processing time, output (and some minor others: interface, protocol, filters...) Klaus
Hi seniors, I am using dac of Microcontroller (SAM4S 32-bit) to generate Sine wave, my problem is that the output sine wave have offset about 500mV that i do not want and there may be another way to adjust it. but can i adjust the offset by using op amp? sine wave is 100mV peak to peak and with adjusted offset it should come below from 500mV to
halo, i want to make dac from arduino uno, here the link but, there is nowhere i can buy the IC. is there any recomendation of the IC ? TLV2451 Operational amplifier ( you can use almost every operational amplifier, just remember to check that is ra
I'm trying to create a bipolar voltage (+5 / -5) using a dac0808. With a 10 volt range, I've already got the dac and a TL071 putting out the correct voltage RANGE for my needs, 0 volts at 0x00 and 10 volts at 0x7F. My question is do I need a separate op amp to scale this whole thing down 5 volts to create my specified voltages, or is there (...)
Hello all, I would like to vary the output voltage for my buck converter by a vary between 0 to 3.3V V_HV vary between 0 to 100V Can you help me how calculate the relation between V_dac and V_HV :bang: How i calculate R1, R2, R3 :?: 117186 Thank you
Did you look at LTE chipset specifications? I/Q-modulators are often using dacs with with built-in interpolation filters and oversampling, I won't be surprized if this technique is used for LTE as well. General rule of thumb in recent DSP design, if you can avoid complex analog filters by digital means without increasing power demand too much, d
I want to design a simple precision DC electronic load as those of Bk precision are expensive and they are actually when you think you can build one. AS you can see in the fig i am using MAX44248 because i have already ordered them.I am not using direct feedback to the op-amp1 but via op-amp2 (gain of 10). Reason is so that i dont have to divide
Hello. I've bought a student license for matlab and the main thing to explore was interfacing a ?C with matlab/simulink to be used as a platform for ADC/dac testing and a lot of other cool things. But after installing all support packages and trying to connect ta arduino(have tried Uno, Mega and Due) an error occurse in windows. when trying
1) Digital Pot 2) dac 3) If you've got a lot of pins available on your MCU, and don't need great accuracy, you could make your own dac by connecting the MCU output pins through weighting resistors and summing them at the opamp. This would only cost a few resistors.
Hello, Some clarification first. 8bit controller does not give me enough resolution Are you talking about your PWM resolution? You can get better 8bit microcontrollers that have a higher resolution dac output. An 8bit microcontroller only refers to how it handles it's data internally (how many operations it can do per cycle). So
Of course, this is possible, but if you have some very good reason for doing it. If you just want to build dac/preamp/amp to have USB interface to PC, use PCM2707 or something similar. Connect I2S output from PCM directly to (for example) TDA1543 and you will have good sounding PC device.
Dear all, There is a problem about how to sweep all values of a variable(amp) in a .txt file. I used a dac to read the file and the block was set as follows:type=discrete, interpmode=Index Lookup, Interdom=Rectangular,ExtraMode=Interpolation Mode,iVar1=1,iVar1=Index-1. I also used a DC, which was set: SweepVar="Index",start=1, stop=6, step1. whe
Hai everyone,this is Pallavi.I am going to complete my training in custom layout(industrial oriented) training by this August with the following designs: 1.Standard cells-INV,AND,NAND,NOR,XOR,MUX,OAI,DFF 2.Analog circuits-LevelShifter,Op-amp,Bandgap,dac,PLL can any of you please refer me to have a better careerpath in my life. Hoping you will..
A Sigma-Delta dac would have everything in the digital domain that is required to generate a bitstream, followed by some way to convert the bitstream into an analog signal. There are many different ways to do it, though, because the Sigma-Delta principle is quite generic, and will work for analog and digital integrators as well as for
Sir, I want to know whether we require multiplexing IC's like74LV573 or AS7S3266 for dedicated use of ADC and dac in LPC2148. As we use these IC's for using ADC of AT89C5132. Or can we directly use the pins assigned to ADC and dac? I want to use internal ADC & dac of LPC2148, so is it needed to interface multiplexing IC's to it? (...)
Hi all. I got this project, where i am using a microcontroller (PSoC5) which has both dac's and ADC's build in. Theese are both 0V to 3.3V (the ADC can measure this interval and the dac can generate it). Now I have to do some regulation/digital filtering with the microcontroller, and for that I need to make the ADC measure -10V to 10V and th
Hello i am using NI dac (6723) to drive QSC RMX 4050HD Power amplifier (PA) having input impedance of 10 kohm. I am generating 1-5KHz sinusoidal signals from my dac. 1- I need some isolation & signal smoothing b/w dac & 2kWatt PA. 2- Secondly, NI dac has current limitation of 5mA/channel. I also (...)
Hello I have interfaced my dac0808 to my 8051 micro controller.... As per program says, i m trying to generate sine wave.. the voltage is suppose to vary from 0 to 10V. but its varying only till 2V. what could be the reason?? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.... plzzzz..... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: