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I'm implementing a PCM2706 in an audio amplifier that I'm designing. I've read through the datasheet and I think I've figured most of it out, but it's the part regarding 'device descriptors' that I'm a little stuck with. The datasheet says the following: 9.3.6 Descriptor Data Modification The descriptor data can be modified through the I
Hello! I have not used an oscilloscope since school, 20 years ago. I got a Kikusui cos2020 from a friend without any probes. Would be fun to use and learn with. But which probes should I buy? I was think about geting some cheap ones, but don't know if it's the right ones. P6060 probes from ali: Specificatio
Hello, On my custom designed PCB, I use a STM32F7 processor. I control a SPST switch with TIM ISR. I establish a serial interface with SPI2 for a dac control. Also I have an external ADC which is controlled with SPI4 DMA mode. Now I call the SPST and dac control commands with TIM ISR. For the ADC, I call the SPI DMA function in main.c file. The
Hi, and what is the point in multiplying the result by 4? to adjust to dac digital input range --> and thus itīs analog output range to full scale... Klaus
Hi this is my attempt to create a cheap but effective 1-60MHz measurement marker generator and simple tracking generator for a Tektronix 491 vintage spectrum analyzer. The nominal levels of the input of the analyzer are shown in the right. calibration, a must for old machines, should be of no importance with my plugin, since the DDS generated mar
Use spectre primitive, nport. If you use Keysight ADSsim, use dac(Data Access Component).
Simply do one tone(LO) envelope analysis. fs and dac output are treated as baseband signal. That?s all.
By default designīs for power supply section in a pre amp, headphone amp or a dac and when replacing standard rectifier diodes 1N400x with BYV27-200, I use to solder a 0,1 uF capacitor for each diode to eliminate unwanted high voltage peakes and noise. Replacing 1N400x with BYV27 series will have ZERO effect in a standard 50Hz/60Hz p
Two potential causes are: 1. if there is any difference in ground potential between the MUX and dac it will show as an error. 2. If disabled (~E is high) the output will float rather than go to zero. You may need to put a pull down resistor from the dac input to ground to discharge residual leakage and charges. Brian.
Hello everyone, I need some help in designing a dac. To my understading aftre going through I drew this block diagram(attachement). They are few questions I couldn't able to sort it out 1. How to decide the resolution of dac? 2. I am thinking of using split array charge scaling architecture. Is it going to be better option considering layout
And even within one dac, make sure that the voltage drop along the ground net, feeding the current sources, does ot create too large Vgs mismatch across current sources.
Using the kT/C noise to calculate the unit cap is a reasonable approach. MOM caps usually used in the design of the cap dac for SARs match pretty well, maybe up to 10 bit accuracy and they keep their matching for many years. For 12 bit dac you may need to think of some sort of calibration for the first 2-3 MSB caps. Or use redundancy in the (...)
Hello guys, Now I try to generate a sine wave with STM32F7 microprocessor with using external 8 bit dac (dac082S085). The microprocessor and dac is communicated each other with SPI transmit only master mode. Now, there is a generated sine wave which looks like an interrupted shape. Do you have any idea to solve this problem? Thank (...)
You're going to have a pretty rough sinewave since the maximum sampling frequency you can have is 48MHz. (Not even sure if the onboard dac can run at the frequency).
156327 The camera is 3 meters away from the playground. How do I get the actual distance between the balls?
Sorry it is dspic33EP256MC506 micro controller. I am using Pickit3 debugger and the variable is a 16bit integer. The sine wave frequency maximum it could go to is 500Hz. The software is for running the motor. I have not checked if it can write to a file. That will be a useful feature. The board does not have a dac. The board is MCLV-2 board.
Hello all, I will have to create my own stable reference ~1.45 - 1.6 GHz and move away from using a bench-top synthesizer. What are some of the common methods to create such a stable "tune-able" reference? Is this something a DDS or good dac can accomplish? Or would it have to be more hardware based (like a crystal) to maint
I am trying to do some free space calibration to extract material data from unknown arbitrary material. I am struggling with the calibration part as the s parameters i am getting is not good enough to get proper value. Can anybody please suggest the calibration procedure? I have E8361 keysight VNA. I have Type N short, open, load, through (...)
Hi all, I am now designing a power amplifier (PA) at 2.4 GHz using microstrip lines as input and output matching networks on a Rogers 4350B substrate. This PA was designed using the harmonic termination technique. Simulation substrate parameters of this substrate are given in its datasheet. Input matching network (IMN) was treated to 2f0 while o
Hello everyone, I have used some RF test points to characterize the RF components of a S-band receiver prototype. The part numbers are: MS-156C3 for the RF test points; MS-156-HRMJ-H1 for the plug (the mate-connector). Since I would like to measure the S-parameters, I need to use a calibration kit for the network analyzer. My q