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Hi, I am looking to match resistors with a very high degree of accuracy/tolerance. One can purchase 0.01% resistors quite easily, but with regards to a project such as an R-2R ladder dac, which has 24bit depth, then the accuracy/tolerance would have to be 0.000005%. Since such a tolerance is not available, then the next option is to match r
Why digital pots come with low resolution? Can they not implement R-2R ladder as in dac to improve their resolution?
In my device I need pretty fast dacs - ideally 16 bit, with less than 3.5 us settling time, SPI interface. There are plenty of them, but all of them are quite expensive (for mass production; and I need 8 of them on a single board). Then I noticed that there are a lot of "Audio" dacs with standard resolution of 24bit or better, and sampling rate o
Is this your recent purchase of a '96 vintage LCD scope or you are the lucky repair guy? If no imag, then something may be wrong with the contrast signal. Look for a square wave 0-5V which then gets level shift towards -20V thru an R ladder then each buffered V1,V2..V6 I think the way it works is each 4 bit data chip is used to as a dac selector
HOW CAN WE CALCULATE THAT NUMBER OG GS/S ARE PASSING FOR R-2R ladder IN dac FOR A GIVEN NUMBER OF BITS.i.e conversion rate or sampling rate. what are the formulas
Hi guys. i design r-2r ladder dac semilar this schematic for design signal generator. i use ARM GPIO port to connect to r-2r dac. i design 10bit r-2r ladder network. when i want to build ramp signal output is not equal ramp signal 107928 ramp code is: for (x=0;x<1023;x++) { GPIOA->ODR=x; } when
Feed PWM with a counter++. Connect an RC filter at output. Or you can use an R2R ladder dac on any of the 8bit port (PORTx) and write counter++ to the PORTx.
The old current dacs I worked on, were designed to source-steer the current rather than gate-switch it - this had (in the day) the lowest glitching and fastest settling.
These dac's require a resistive load on the output to function. AD5433 is R-2R ladder dac and is not operated with a resistive load. It's usually operated with an OP a I/V converter, apparently djnik1362 does it with AD8066.
Hi, While designing and simulating a 12 bit R-2R ladder dac using MOSFETs, during the transition from the bit combination 011111 111111 to 100000 000000, the analog output decreases..I have designed the op amp as a simple two stage op amp and the supply voltage used is ?1.65V.The switches in the ladder network have been replaced with (...)
A few tutorials covering R-2R ladder dacs: Basic dac Architectures II: Binary dacs Digital-to-Analog
Hi all , I am using a 16 bit R-2R ladder dac for generating voltage output. The analog supply to the dac is ( Avdd/Avss ) +/- 15V and i have configured the dac so as to get output of 10V . When i switch off the analog supply to the dac , the dac output starts decreasing as expected (...)
voltage dependance will matter since it is a resistive ladder, presumably for a dac reference. Right -- if these diff. resistors aren't well characterized re. their voltage dependencies -- I mentioned this necessity above. But if they are -- and you can rely on them like on your MOS models -- there's no reason why you
Can someone give me any suggestions about how to find informations about products that contain the binary-weighted dac, R-2R ladder. I know what they serve and how they work and know that they are in many devices, but i need to know exactly in which devices they are (one or the other or both) and informations about those device. Also
You don't even need an IC. You can make a dac yourself using a microcontroller and R-2R ladder. You'll just need to add some cheap rail to rail amplifier to buffer the voltage. Look at wikipedia for 'resistor ladder'. As for ICs I'd use MCP4801/MCP4802. Those have internal bandgap reference voltage of some easily dividable value (like 8 (...)
Can any body suggest me dac specifications ,required for SAR 4-bit ADC.How to start the design ? what can be the values for Resister and op-amp specifications like gain etc and Vref required ? please suggest some guidelines to design.... Thanks in advance..
Hi I need to generate an analog voltage using a microcontroller (16F877A) I have two options - 1.)Use R-2R ladder and make a 10bit dac 2.)generate 1kHz PWM signal-->send it through a 6 pole lowpass filter-->get analog voltage relevant to duty cycle. Since I couldn't find any dac ics, I'm stuck with above two options (they (...)
dac in some ways like 1. pwm with resistor capacitor 2. resistor ladder network and then use any opamp, i hope there is a comparator in your design also at starting for range select
Hello, i m working on successive approximation ADC,. for that ,i have to design dac ,which one is better,,resitor string,,R2R ladder, or charge scaling..? i choose charge scaling...but in that i have one problem with,,capacitance value.. how we decide capacitance value for any charge scaling dac? and if i choose 5-bit (...)
I cannot check at the moment, but if you have SIMetrix, generate an ADC and look at the netlist. If it looks like a Spice subcircuit you could cut & paste it into Pspice. A dac wouldn't be too tricky - an R2R ladder and perfect buffer. Keith